Lord of the Flies

By: Hannah Bursic

Types of government

Jack's Tribe


A country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator. This type of government is one in which one person has absolute power and was not necessarily elected to that position. A dictatorship has no election or voting, rulers such as Hitler and Stalin exercised this form of government.

"His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership, and the boys ate faster while there was still time. Seeing there was no immediate likelihood of a pause, Jack rose from the log that was his throne and sauntered to the edge of the grass" (Golding 149-150).

Jack has formed a total dictatorship, he has taken complete control over the boys. He has placed himself as somewhat of a king and gives no power to the people.

Ralph's Tribe


A form of government in which supreme power is retained by the people. This type of government elects a leader but is completely voted on by the people. This is exercised through a system of representation and delegated authority.

" 'Vote for chief!' 'Let's vote---' " (Golding 22).

Ralph exercises this form of government in the book when the boys initially elect him as chief. This was completely decided on through a majority vote by the boys. Through the rest of the story while Ralph is in power he listens to the boys and lets them help make decisions.

My Government

If I had control of this island I would create a Federal Republic.

"A form of government made up of a federal state with a constitution and self-governing subunits" (Dictionary.com).

This would be most effective because everyone would be split into smaller groups and have a voice. Each smaller group would elect a leader to voice their opinion, and would bring it to the group of leaders who would make the final decision. Everyone would have the opportunity to express their opinion.

My Constitution

1. Rulers of subunits shall be elected equally and by majority vote from their subunit.

2. Subunits will be divided by common beliefs.

3. Any person or persons who attempt a revolt against subunits or subunits ruler will be punished.

4. Punishment for any person who attempts revolt will be chosen by that individuals subunits ruler.

5. People of the island must use designated bathroom areas.

6. All animals killed shall be brought to subunit rulers and shall be divided equally amongst that subunit.

7. Any fruit or other food found can be kept to yourself.

8. To be permitted to hunt you must be taught by designated teachers.

9. By constitution it is required that each person must be provided at least one meal a day.

10. If any rules shall be broken there is no thing as an unlawful punishment.

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The year was 476 AD the Western Roman Empire had been known as the worlds greatest super power for nearly 500 years, but it was in that year that the greatest power would crumble.

How did the worlds greatest super power fall so quickly?

One reasons historians believe it fell was due to a huge mess of a government in power at the time, as well as civil war. Civil war had thrown the empire into complete chaos, this chaos lead to many political riots amongst the people of the Roman Empire. More than 20 men took the throne over a 20 year period, due to assassination.

" 'Hands up,' said Jack strongly, 'whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?' " (Golding 127).

At this point in the book we see Jack begin to try to overthrow Ralph and take him from power, this begins the start of what you could call a civil war. Just like the Roman Empire, when the civil war on the island begins the downfall begins as well. Not soon after Jack breaks off we find two distinct groups, and soon boys begin to die. We no longer find any sense of civilization left on the island.

Syrian Civil War

In March of 2011 the Syrian government faced a challenge to authority when pro-democracy protestors erupted.


These protestors demanded an end to authoritarian practices. On March 29th the Syrian government dismissed there cabinet and acknowledged the legitimacy of the protestors. However as the protests intensified the government authorities became more force full, this was an all out civil war against the government.

By the end of August 2013 these protestors and harsh treatment began to fade due to other countries interference. On September 14th Syria signed a treaty to rid the country of all chemical weapons.

The Syrian conflict had no true winner, but in a sense the government won due to the fact that it was not completely destroyed.

The video below is an example of Ralph's government. It is an election ad that exhibits the democracy he runs.

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