Kindergarten Happenings

May 1, 2015

We learned more about spring and how things change!

Look at what we did!

  • In reading, we read Owen by and we learned the words "snip", "ratty", and "essential". We also read Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats. We learned the words "mutter", "make believe", "stretch", "cradle", "rascal", and "arrange". Ask us to use them in a sentence!
  • In math we started and completed our unit on shapes. We learned about circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and hexagons and about how many sides and corners they each have. We also learned sphere, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, and cone and about how many faces, edges, and vertices they have. We compared flat and solid shapes and noticed how they are the same and different.
  • In word work, we practiced using endings on words. We looked at "ing", "ed", and "s" and how we can read it and write it.
  • In writing, we continued our unit about Writing about Reading. We worked with partners to talk about the problem and how that problem got solved in books. We try to make sure we have included 2 or more details from the book, answered all parts of the question, and make sure our response makes sense.

National Walk or Bike to School Day is May 6th!

Sight Words

Here are the sight words we are currently working on. Please review these words with your child. Writing sentences, flash cards, and pointing out the sight words around them or in Take Home Books are all great ways to practice the words. We have found that when your child is able to read the words with little hesitation, they are much more successful with reading the books at their level because they can then focus on decoding other unknown words in texts.

I, can, see, a, go, to, like, the, look, at, me, my, am, is, we, will, you, are, come, here, have, and, because, it, in, up, get, put, do, he, she, this, all, for, went, so, no, his, her, of, said, with, they, that, was

Kindergarten Themes

Here are what we are learning about in the coming weeks:

  • Spring
  • Chickens
  • Butterflies and Insects

Upcoming Event and Reminders

  • Wed, May 6 - National Bike and Walk to School Day
  • Thurs, May 7 - Mom and Family Lunch at school. Contact your child's teacher about the specific lunch time.
  • Tues, May 12 - Kindergarten Musical Performance at 6pm. More information coming!
  • Thurs, May 14 - First Grade Musical Performance **Ms. Kilgo's entire class will be performing with the first graders**
  • Fri, May 29th - Field Trip. More information coming!

Next Week, we will...

  • Learn about chickens and eggs.
  • Begin our unit describing and comparing attributes.
  • Begin our unit on opinion writing.