A trip into space!

Have the time of your life

The best adventure of your life (this picture is an example)

How long? For the ultimate experience a best package is the ultimate package this includes:

- 25 day experience

- food supply

- 24/7 waiter for your service anytime

- experience to walk on the moon

- luxury seating

- Glass views to see right above and below you

This is a one and only chance to have the time of your life

What you might experience?

When you are traveling to the different planets some of the things you might experience:

You might see the exciting things like black holes, comets, worm holes, asteroids, vacuums and stars up close.


- The moon is 4.5 billion years old

- If you walk on the moon your footprints will be visible for at least 10 million years because there is no erosion on the moon.

- Mars was the roman god of war and agriculture

- Mars has two moons

- Saturn has 53 official moons

- Saturn is the furthest planet from Earth that can be seen without the help of a telescope.

- Did you know Jupiter has rings? They are faint and are only able to be viewed when Jupiter passes in front of the Sun.

- Pluto is the only planet to be named by a 11 year old child

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