The Board Game!

Game Instructions

First put the game cards in selected areas.Then give each player 1500 dollars.To move you have to answer a question, if you get it right you move forward. If you get it wrong, you stay where you are. If you land on a square with a property that is not owned, you can buy it.To indicate that you own a property you take a small sticky note and write your name on it and stick it on your property. If you land on a square with a property that is owned, you pay them a fee of 20 dollars. Every house has a designated color. Once you buy all the houses with the same color you can buy houses. If you land on a property with a house, double the fee amount by the number of houses.You can buy a house for 350 dollars or you can answer a hard question. To roll you need to answer an easy question or answer a medium question and get to roll twice.To get out of jail you can answer a medium question, can pay yourself out for 400 dollars or roll twice.On your turn,If you land on the super question square you van. can answer a super question. A super question is a question that can double the amount of  money if you get it right or subtract half of it if wrong. Everytime you go around the board, you get a reward of 200 dollars. When you land on a bonus square, you pick a card in the"Bonus pile" which can either be good or bad. To win the game you need to be last person in the game. Once you go bankrupt, your out of the game. Have fun!!!