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Re-treat [ri-treet]
  1. A forced or strategic withdrawal away from danger
  2. The act of withdrawing into safety or privacy
  3. A place of refuge
According to Webster's dictionary the word retreat stems from 1300-50AD Middle English retret (noun) and an Old French variant of retrait, and past participle of retraire to draw back.

Ever think of the word retreat? It's just a word, but have you actually ever really thought about it? It's a powerful term. Strategic withdrawal away from danger, a place of refuge and safety. Wow, good stuff! For me, retreat contains qualities of hope, safety and the chance to re-energize. I love to travel. Believe me, I really do. I've been to most US states (except Montana & Hawaii) and 22 countries (and counting!). I love to travel, to explore and to reflect. I experience the same hope, safety and gain a chance to re-energize when I see the world. I'm nudged to remember that all people yearn to belong and be heard.

As Greg and I prepare to facilitate our UNPLUGGED Retreat this weekend, we're chatting over coffee, thinking of you all. We share ideas of what worked last year and explore how can better serve our community this time. We really do care about creating a space for hope, safety, a chance for you to re-energize, find a place to belong and be heard.

Whether you're taking refuge under the trees in a gentle swinging hammock or merging a travel adventure with learning, take the time to understand the power of strategic withdrawal. Find what feels good to you. Whether you're leading teams, dreams or life- remember that professionals are people too and we all need a good retreat to refill our vessel, so that we're better able to be present, do our work and give back.

What does retreat mean to you? Share your thoughts along with this newsletter on your social media, links above. Be the catalyst to invite others to retreat with you.
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THIS WEEKEND!!! 4 spaces left!
UNPLUGGED Back-to-Basics Beach RETREAT

April 21-23rd

$398 (2 nights, 4 meals + retreat)

$348* ($50 Discount for Care-Givers, Educators Therapists & Coaches. *Save $100 when you book for 2)

How is it that technology both adds to our life and keeps that crazy-making "hamster-wheel" going and going? Get off the wheel and let's talk. Disconnect from your stress and busy life for one weekend and join us for this restorative and compassionate back-to-basics experience. Don't let an emergency force you to re-calibrate. Join Annelies & Greg Whitt of Drum for Change for a tech-free getaway! READ MORE & REGISTER NOW SPACE IS LIMITED

Every 3rd Thursday from 11AM-12PM
North Carolina Museum of Art

Come walk with me!! Go solo or bring a friend, we'll chit-chat as a group for 10-15 min and then go on a walk-a-bout down the greenway. No stress, no fee, weather permitting, stick around for a powerbar picnic, if you can. If you're not near the RTP area, make 3rd Thursdays your reminder to invite a friend or new face-- outside. Create novel, special or nostalgic ways to connect with one another. Go wild! NCMA :: 2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607. Kites are optional! :) Park by the big chimney, there's a meeting space there, then we'll go to the grassy circle/ellipse.

ART in the Garden
Saturday May 6th 10AM-1PM
(lunch & class included)
Come explore art-FULL living at one of Raleigh's best kept secrets,
the Well Fed Community Garden owned by Irregardless Cafe. Join us for Art in the Garden and enjoy the simplicities of life; creativity, community and cuisine. Experience the good life through an outdoor (plein-air) guided watercolor class with artist and life coach, Annelies M. Gentile of Conduit for Change followed by a light-n-tasty vegetarian farm-to-table picnic lunch from Irregardless Cafe.
SPRING :: A Time to Explore Creativity

Each season I provide inspiring nuggets of wisdom through my newsletter Inspiring Nuggets. Here, I share seasonal teachings highlighting unique nature-based ways to explore, understand and process change. READ the SPRING Inspiring Nuggets Newsletter

Online & In-Person Seminars (new group begins every 3 months)

$3500 (Seats are limited to 4 participants. One partial scholarship is available to a qualified applicant.) Wisdom Circle is an INVITATION-ONLY facilitated 6-month mastermind group. Bi-weekly meetings, accountability partnerships and coaching support helps serious professionals define themselves, grow their business, fuel their visions, catalyze ideas, gain traction, direction, community and peace of mind from personal and professional accomplishments. Due to the extraordinary personal nature of this mastermind, Wisdom Circle is open to a limited amount of seats. 6-months :: Bi-weekly READ MORE
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