Food Science at Churchill, Jan. 15

the chemistry and art of cooking

a 4th year science class

This class counts as a 4th year science credit or an elective depending on what the student needs. 40% of our time is in labs, either chemistry or foods labs.

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I have started a blog to document what we do in class. Please visit my website and see what we are posting. I hope to post student projects, labs, recipes, events, etc. throughout the year. You can sign up on the right hand side to subscribe by email. This will allow you to get emails every time we post something instead of you having to check the website to see if we have added anything.

Food Science Notebooks

This semester we will be creating an interactive Food Science Notebook to help students synthesize all the information we are learning about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Students will be able to use their notebook during quizzes and on the final exam.


Remind is a website that allows me to send you a text message to remind students of projects, labs, etc. If you are not signed up yet for Remind and would like to be in the know about class assignments and labs, join Food Science, by texting @06352b to (469) 437-4504.

Future Labs: Baked Donuts, Biscuits and White Sauce Gravy, Play Dough

Special Guest Chef: James Roller

Chef Roller will be joining us on Tuesday, January 20. He will do a demonstration and tell students about the Escoffier Cooking School in Austin.

Mrs. Wales

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