Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Updates

March 16-20

Important Dates

Saturday, March 14: Pi Day! (3.14)

Monday, March 16: Homework Packet 10 due

Tuesday, March 17: St. Patrick's Day, American Heroes Quiz

Friday, March 20: Field trip to the Alliance Theater! We will also still be having our weekly spelling quiz when we return that afternoon!!!

Monday, March 23: Homework Packet 11 due

Happy Pi Day!

As tomorrow is March 14, (3.14), we celebrated Pi Day as a school today. Of course we don't deal with Pi much in first grade, but we did learn that Pi is a very useful number in helping us find out information about circles. A big shout-out and thank you to Abhinav's mom for bringing us some delicious circle-shaped donuts!

Our brains are so cool!

Yesterday, a representative from the Brain Awareness Campaign came to FSA and hung out with our first and second grade students. She explained to us the different parts of our brain and their functions. Students were able to experiment to see how our senses are connected to the various parts of the brain. We also finished the seminar off with a peek at some real brains! Students were amazed to realize that the brain they were observing was like the brain in their own heads. It was a very neat way to better understand the wonderful complexities of our bodies! My only regret is that I was unable to get more pictures of our students - they had such a fun time!

Getting Ready for Second Grade: Things to Remember

1. Students know that their name must always be on their paper. I deduct points when they do not do this.

2. Students are expected to spell the previous spelling words correctly or points are deducted. I have a word wall in my room filled with words from previous spelling tests and they are always welcome to use it as a resource.

3. Capitalize the first letter of a sentence and end with a punctuation mark. Also, a sentence is a group of words that forms a complete idea - no run-on sentences or incomplete thoughts!

4. Handwriting - we are now exclusively writing on wide-ruled paper and are focusing on making our words and numbers legible and neat.

A Peek at Next Week...

Reading/Language Arts: We will be working with the diphthongs ow/ou, looking at the ending -ie, discussing story elements and sequence, using voice in writing, synonyms, and imperative sentences. We will also be doing our benchmark assessment of this past unit over the course of the week.

Spelling Words: how, town, down, now, brown, cow, clown, frown, crowd, growl, along, behind, eyes, never, pulling, toward

Science: We will be starting our next unit on energy and will be looking at how energy is used and what types of things give off heat.

Social Studies: We will take our American Heroes Quiz on Tuesday. It will be a cut and match activity with various key points of each American hero's life. They will also write about their favorite hero and why he or she is important to them. After that we will compare and contrast the daily life of people in America's history to the current century and our advancements.