Civil Rights Movement

By: Stephanie Cobb Period 3

Civil rights movement Present Vs. Past:

Introduction: What to expect in this Flyer is what the Civil rights movement was and what the difference is on in today vs. the past. In my opinion I think that the civil rights movement has changed society today in so many ways. I think that one way that the civil rights has changed society today is that their are less raciest problems now then their where before(black people don't have to sit in the back of the bus or give up their seats to white people,Looking down at the ground when on the streets or drink out of different water fountains,etc.)

I also think what the civil rights did to make the untied states more equal is that they had made
"rules" to help white people understand that black people are not any different. These "rules" were made for the black so they could be treated the same way as the whites. These "rules" where made from the speech of Martin Luther King Jr. What MLK said in in speech is that all men will be treated equal one day. This dream that he had came true because today we don't have as much problems as we did in the past with blacks VS. whites.

Strategies on Civil rights movement~feature article:

One main way that the blacks handled the movement is that they talked to the white people in a non- violent way. They made sure that they were able to talk to them about their problems in a peaceful way. By doing this it made it less of a fight while they where trying to fix their needs. Many black people followed Martin Luther King Jr's tactic by asking and talking to the whites in a non- violent way, this would reduce the amount of fighting and arguing towards each other. In my opinion I think that the blacks were smart on talking to the whites about their freedom in a non- violent way. Things could of probably been way worse then they already were.

One other tactics that the blacks handeled with during the civil rights movement is that they would rebel if they didnt agree with something. If the whites did or said something that the blacks didnt like or agree with they would fight for what they belvied was right. The way the blacks did this was in sighlent. They never said anything beacuse they didnt want anything worse to happen. I think this was a smart thing for them to do because it would cause less problems. I can relate to this because i do this all the time. Whenever I have a problem with something I normally keep it to myself so that is creates less tension between everyone else.

One last thing that could be a strategey that the black people used was they made sure to let the whites know how they felt by saying something or protest against how they felt they were being treated. In my oppion i think that the whites treated the blacks unfair. They were treated unfair beacuse they didnt have the same chances as the whites got. The whites got to go to school and have a better life. On the other hand the blacks did not get those same chances as them just because their diffrent skin color.

Seletive Elements:

Unsung hero's:

1. EMMET TILL- he is a un sung hero be cuse people dont knoe his history.he was from chicago and went down to Missuorri which is in the deep south which was and still is super raiscets down their today. He went to go and vist a family memeber and while he was down their he went to a candy shop and while he was leaving he said "bye baby" to the cheak out lady who was white. Later that night he got brutiley beaten by white guys and after that he got shot in thr head and they dumped him in the river. For his funniurl his mother left an open cascet so everyone could see what happened to him.

2. ROSA PARKS- She was a un sung hero beacuse not alot of people knew about her and she was known for standing up for herself. She was on a bus one day and a white person came on the bus and she refused to move for that person. She was sent to jail for a little while but now she is known in history for standing up fir her own thoughts. she inpieres me beacuse she did something alot of people would probally not have the nerve to do. In my oppioen this woman is a strong independant person that was strong and stood up for what she belived in.

Reveiw a civil rights movement song:

"we shall not be moved"- This is a popular civil rights movement song beacuse this song ws saying that no matter what anybody says they were not going to move beacuse they belived they had the same rights as any other white person. They belived that they should all have the same amount rights as anyother person. I feel like this was a popular song beacusae they felt like they should have the same freedom as any other person.