What I learned


1. In iMovie you can do a lot of things one thing is you can make a whole movie as long as you want.

2. You can add and take out pictures for your movie

3. If you don't like something that you made you can edit is or just start over


1. You can make a trailer that is about 1 minute and a half

2. In iTailer you have a credits page to tell who did the trailer

3.If you dont like it you can edit it

Haiku Deck

1. You can make presentations for school

2. You can add pictures for school

3. If you don't like what you did than you can go back and edit it

Explain Everything

1. You can make presentations that you can record you writing on the screen

2.You can record your voice

3. You can show how to do things

Go Anamate

1. You can make funny cartoons

2. You can have characters do emotional things

3. You can make part 2 and part 3 if you want to make it a series