FBI Special Agent

Job Description

You are responsible for enforcing 300 federal statues and conducting highly sensitive national security investigations. Opportunities to be in a front-line fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, financial and cyber crimes, and other important national security issues.

Why is being a FBI Special Agent interesting?

Becoming an FBI Special Agent, you get to help people by putting away the threats that others do in the world.

The Education and Training for a FBI Special Agent

A bachelor's degree, Have 3 years of work, 20 week training program at FBI Academy

Job Outlook over the next five years

Increase 7% nationwide thought 2020. Expected to be best for bilingual applicants with college degrees and law enforcement or military experience.

Salary for being a FBI Special Agent

New agents may earn $61,100 to $69,900 depending on location of their assignment

Related Occupations from becoming an FBI Special Agent

Police and a detective.