Suicide Info 101

How to identify and prevent Suicidal Characterisics

Important facts about Suicide

Suicide is the third leading cause for death in adolescents and young people in the Unites States, following car wrecks and homicides. Although many suicide prevention programs have been developed and implemented, few are evidence-based in their effectiveness in decreasing suicide rates. Suicide rates have tripled between the mid-1960 and mid-1990, followed by a slight decline.

Risk and Protective Factors


  • Presence of psychiatric illness, with depression being most common

  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Low family and peer support
  • Having a family member who had attempted suicide

Protective Factors

  • Supportive family and adult relationships

  • Good social and coping skills

  • Connectedness to school and other organizations

  • Self-confidence in one’s own abilities

Clay Mazza

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