Tyrell Dejuan Smith

by:Brandyn Greene

About Tyrell

Tyrell Dejuan Smith was born on August 11,1998. He is from Pourtsmouth,Va.

His favorite sport is football, and his favorite football team is the Washington Redskins. His favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat and his favorite baseball team is the Baltimore Orioles.When Tyrrell's dream career is to be a lawyer. He would like to attend college at Louisiana State University. His dream car is a Lamborghini, and dream house is a beach house. His happiest moment in his life so far was getting to see his sister graduate. His worst moment was when he injured his knee playing football. His favorite TV channels are ESPN, NBATV, NFL Network,and MTV2.He Has many nicknames including Rell, Ty, Baboon, and Duck. His favorite singers are Usher, and Ashanti. His Biggest achievement was when he rushed for 1000 yards in his first two games of the football season when he was 8. In 10 years Tyrell sees himself either in the NFL or a successful lawyer. His favorite food is chicken. If Tyrell could vacation anywhere he would go to the Bahamas. His favorite movie is Friday.