This Is How We Lakeview

September Edition - Volume 2

A message from Mrs. Hanagan

Week 2 is done and the students are doing great! Thanks to all the families who have been calling in with attendance concerns, we know that it has been frustrating. Please continue to reach out to your teachers if you cannot login to Infinite Campus to take attendance. There is a lot of information in this newsletter so please read over it carefully as we have iReady diagnostic testing, school pictures, free meals for students, and a lot more happening!

As mentioned last week, I will link the Classroom Information page where you can find weekly updates for your student's classes with the building information at the bottom of each newsletter, that way it is always linked for you to check. I highly recommend bookmarking this page so that you have quick access to it.

Finally, junior high is when we transition students to become more independent. You can help them be prepared to come to the building by suggesting they get their things ready the night before. Should you need to drop something off during the day for your student, please be sure it is labeled with their name on it. We have a bin outside the front door, for drop-off items. Thank you!

Rachael Hanagan


Picture Day is Coming!

Cohort A students will have pictures taken on Monday, September 14th. Cohort B will be Friday, September 18th. Orders for picture day can be placed online at Use order code: 52333KB

*Pay online with an electronic check, debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

They are working on a picture day for the VLA students, once I have this information, I will pass it on to our VLA families.

Headphones needed

Please make sure that your student brings headphones (non-bluetooth) or earbuds to school next week. This is very important as they will be working on the iReady or ALEKS diagnostics and will need use of headphones. We are trying to limit shared supplies in the classrooms and this includes use of a class set of headphones.
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Order your 2020-2021 Yearbooks!

Yearbooks are now on sale. If you purchase a yearbook in September the starting cost will only be $30. October 1st the starting cost is $35. Any personalizations have to be purchased before Jan 30, 2021.

Link for purchasing yearbooks: search "Pickerington Lakeview Jr High"

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We need your pictures!

Since the number of spectators are limited, the yearbook staff needs your help with photos. Please upload any photos of Lakeview Jr High students that you take at any Lakeview events this school year. Access code is panthers.

Link for uploading photos:

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Support with student emails

One piece of feedback that I received from teachers this week is that students are struggling with sending emails to their teachers. Please help your student with this process. Make sure that they include the course in the subject line and then list specific concerns/issues in the body of the email. Some students are putting the entire email in the subject line or just writing "I need help" and not specifying what they need help with. Thank you for working with your student on this; I know that it is an important skill for them to have moving forward. One of our Ridgeview teachers put together a video to help the students out. You may want to reference this.
How to Email a Teacher

Need tech help? Click on the Google documents below!

Our technology department is launching as a way for parents/students that are having technology issues at home to get technical assistance. If you are in need of help please email, please be sure to include as much information in the email as you can, include your name, building, a detailed explanation of the problem, if you are on a Chromebook or iPad. The more information we have the quicker we can solve the issue.

Breakfast and Lunch are Free!

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Weekly sign up for virtual day meals

There was some confusion about these meals this past week so I want to clarify that you need to sign up for these weekly. I will include the links every week as a reminder. These are also included in the free meals. Please go to the specific form for your student as there are different deadlines and pick up information depending on which cohort you are in. I embedded the forms this week, going forward, I will just post the links at the bottom of the newsletter.

PTO needs you!

We are looking for parents who are interested in helping out with the PTO this year. We have several returning members who can help get things back up and running, but are in need of someone to lead (or co-lead) the PTO. I know that it is going to look different, but we are looking at ways we can still support our students and staff. Please contact Rachael Hanagan ( if you are interested in leading, co-leading or becoming involved in the Lakeview PTO. You can also find PTO information on our Facebook page or Twitter @lakeview_jh_PTO

From our school counselors: Building a Growth Mindset at Home

We're all being asked to try new things right now and sometimes...we're going to fail

That's okay! It's all about how we choose to respond. Whether it's finding your way to class, struggling through your math homework or trying to figure out how to stick to a schedule on virtual days, not knowing the right answer and making mistakes are important parts of learning.

Families can help kids learn to have a Growth Mindset, which can help reduce the stress they feel about tough assignments, using new technology, or adapting to the new Cohort schedule. Check out this short video for 3 strategies you can use at home to encourage a Growth Mindset and help your kids thrive!

Three Ways to a Growth Mindset

September is Suicide Prevention Month

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You work every day to protect them from harm. Sometimes that work means you have to have some difficult, often uncomfortable conversations – including ones about suicide. Talking to your child about suicide may be the toughest conversation you ever have, but it may also be the most important. Please take a moment to access this resource from Children Hospital’s ‘On Our Sleeves’ program:
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COVID-19 Notification Procedures

These are the procedures we will be using to notify families and staff when we get an identified COVID-19 case at Lakeview. There are 2 separate letters that will go out. 1. A building letter that will go out as a notification in Infinite Campus and 2. a classroom letter (for those students who are in class with the identified individual) which will be sent out through Infinite Campus and a hard copy will be sent home with all students in the classroom. Please see the attached letter below.

Plan for Progress Video

Pickerington Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Briggs and Treasurer Ryan Jenkins explain how the implementation and utilization of the Plan for Progress is helping the district prepare for a projected growth in student enrollment.
Plan for Progress Presentation

Latest video in the ASKPLSD series: How Financial Policies Helped PLSD During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pickerington Schools has many policies and procedures in place which have helped the district initially weather the financial storm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Treasurer Ryan Jenkins explains in this latest video in our Ask PLSD series. The series features staff responses to your questions.
How Financial Policies Helped PLSD During COVID-19 Pandemic