Secure Case Company

Keeping it all together

What Makes Us Different

There are many variations of phone cases that act like wallets. Other phone cases are designed for protection. Secure aims to incorporate and improve both worlds.

The problem with other storage cases is when you lose your phone, you lose your money, credit cards, and other small valuables. Then if you are able to track down your phone, your valuables are gone.

Through Bluetooth, we designed our highly impenetrable case to only open when your phone is unlocked. Making you the only person to have access to the storage compartment.

We want to make it clear that you and security are our number 1 priority.

What to Expect with a Secure Case:

  • Safe storage of small valuables (cash, credit cards, etc.)

  • A durable case to protect your phone of scratches and cracks when dropped.

  • A case that is only accessible by YOU. Through Bluetooth, the case will know when your phone is unlocked or not and only accessible when unlocked.

  • If you are for any reason not satisfied with our case. A 2 year warranty is included with every purchase.