The Spartan Standard

Home of Champions Edition

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiousity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology

Some Learnings from Educating for Careers Conference

"Instead of asking students what they want to be when they grow up, ask them what problem they want to solve...Convert information into intelligence...Iteration and Innovation drives Transformation...Education is the silver bullet that has the power to disrupt poverty, technology is the tool..."--Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc.

Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, March 16: PLC Collaboration/Intervention Schedule


Tuesday,March 17: CAHSEE ELA Special Schedule

8:15 Classroom Visits

12:00 AVID Team Mtg.

1:00 Summer School Mtg. @ CPH

6:00 Chula Vista City Hall re: Student Award from Mayor Salas

Wednesday, March 18: CAHSEE Math Special Schedule

8:15 Classroom Visits

3:30 Boys Volleyball vs. Madison

Thursday, March 19:

8:30 Office Event

9:00 Administrators Mtg. @ PDC

Friday, March 20: Special Assembly of Champions; Assembly Schedule

7:45 Calendar

9:00 Classroom Visits

11:25 Assembly

6:00 Woman of the Year Awards @ SWC

Monday, March 23-Friday, April 3:

INTERSESSION--NO SCHOOL for Teachers and Students

Monday, March 23:

HOLIDAY--Cesar Chavez (In lieu)

3:00 Baseball vs. Mater Dei

Tuesday, March 24:

8:00 Credit Recovery

Wednesday, March 25:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:00 JV Baseball vs. ORH

3:30 Girls LaCrosse vs. MVH

4:00 Softball vs. Sta. Fe Christian;

5:00 Boys LaCrosse vs. SDHS

Thursday, March 26:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:30 JV Softball vs. MVH

Friday, March 27:

8:00 Credit Recovery

1:00 Baseball vs. CV High Tech High

3:00 Boys Volleyball vs. BVH

3:30 Girls LaCrosse vs. Granite Hills

5:15 Boys LaCrosse vs. Del Lago Academy

Saturday, March 28

8:00 Credit Recovery

9:00 Novice Softball vs. MVH

Monday, March 30:


Tuesday, March 31:

8:00 Credit Recovery

Wednesday, April 1:


Thursday, April 2:

8:00 Credit Recovery

Friday, April 3:



Monday, April 6: School Resumes

7:30 Classroom visits

Tuesday, April 7:

7:30 Classroom visits

4:30 M. Rerucha

Wednesday, April 8:

2:50 FAC Mtg. @ New Library

3:30 Girls LaCrosse vs. ORH

4:00 Boys LaCrossse vs. Helix

Thursday, April 9:

8:00 CTE Arts Media Entertainment School Visit

12:30 Dept. Chair Mtg. @ Learning Lab

Friday, April 10:

7:45 Calendar

9:45 Classroom visits


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CVHS Tops in Reclassification of English Learners

Last Friday, about 49 students were reclassified from English Learners (EL) to Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). The standards for reclassification were recently made more rigorous. Chula Vista High School led the way with the most number of students reclassified. Kudos to all teachers for working with students to develop their English proficiency. Many, many thanks to Marisol Higareda, Rebecca Calderon, and Hilda Franco for coordinating this event.

Academic League

Congratulations to Louis Pietroforte! Our Academic League went to playoffs last Thursday!! Most notable this season for them is defeating Sweetwater High School not once, but twice!

CA High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

Last year, our sophomores took the CAHSEE seriously, leading to gains in our pass rates and especially our proficiency rates. Your assistance in inspiring and encouraging students to work hard this Tuesday and Wednesday to not only pass but to score 380 and above will be most appreciated. Please challenge them to prove that we are the Home of Champions in every way of our Five A's!
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Most Improved Breakfast Honors More than 80 Students

Many, many thanks to Jaye Leigh, Alain Garnica-Mendoza. and Georgina Bidwell for coordinating the Quarterly Most Improved Breakfast held at the Little Theater last Thursday, March 12. More than 80 students were honored for their significant efforts in academics and/or in the attitude of "Do The Right thing." Many parents were proud of the recognition that teachers bestowed on their children. A special thank you goes to Marla Navarette--the Advance Ballet class performed for students and parents.


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Boys Soccer Wins CIF Regional Championship, Division I

Our 6th ranked team defied expectations and showed the heart and hard work to win it all and make history for Chula Vista High School! They traveled for every playoff game, starting two hours to El Toro to defeat the third-seeded team, then six hours to Fresno to beat the second-seeded team, and finally four hours to Woodland Hills to crush the first-seeded team, El Camino Real Charter High School. Congratulations to Coach Ruben Oliveira and the Boys Soccer Team for winning the CIF Division I Regional Championship--the highest prize they can win in Interscholastic Athletics. Yes, they are state champs!

Many. many thanks to staff who traveled to any one (or two, or all) of these different places to help with supervision and watch every exciting game--Hilda Bender, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, DiAnne Cabe, Jaye Leigh, Alma Aceves-Torres, Craig Wilson, Greg Molina, Stephen Rodecker, Belinda Tapia, and Sue Kalaher. The team is grateful to the CVHS staff, students, and community for all the encouragement and support.

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San Diego Section Division III Champs Fight Valiantly at Regional Championship Quarterfinals

Our young Girls Soccer Team already made history for Chula Vista High School by making it to playoffs and winning the CIF Championship in Division III by besting first-ranked Olympian High School. Their hard work and accomplishment earned them a place in the Regional Championship playoffs as the seventh-ranked team. Our Girls Soccer Team traveled to Pasadena, California to play the second-seeded Maranatha High School Minutemen. The Spartan Ladies kept the game close and played with a lot of heart but they lost to the Minutemen 2-1. Many thanks to DiAnne Cabe and Clint McDonald for making the special trip to assist with supervision and watch the game.

With most of the team expected to return next year (there are nine freshmen on the team and only one senior), expectations will be high for the team to outdo this season's accomplishments. Way to go, Spartans!


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Main Attraction Wins Big at Burbank Blast

Congratulations to Tony Atienza! Our Show Choir, Main Attraction, took home the biggest honors at the Burbank Blast competition, winning Best in Showmanship, Best in Musicianship, and Best Soloist (Liam Galleher) in Mixed Division, Tier II. Special thanks to Debbie Nevin for traveling to Burbank to see them compete.
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Best of Show Awarded to CVHS

Congratulations to Michelle Spielman. Two of her students won special awards at the Student Art Exhibition sponsored by SUHSD and the City of Chula Vista. CVHS SCPA students Ramon DeMotto won the "Emeritus Choice" Award while Samantha Chaidez won the biggest prize of the night, "Best of Show". Congratulations also go to Tom Lynn and Lynn COpeland whose students' work won Teacher choice awards.

Kudos and Thanks

  • Kudos to Jessica Tejada. Mariachi Chula Vista performed at the National City, City Of Commerce Mariachi Festival and Competition held at Pepper Park in National City on March 14. They were also invited to accompany "American Idol" contestant Yvonne Gonzalez when they performed at Fox 5 News to promote the festival.
  • Kudos to Eduardo Romero whose Ballet Folklorico turned in a fantastic performance at the District VAPA Folklorico concert Friday and Saturday.
  • Kudos to Jessica Tejada and Eduardo Romero whose Mariachi Chula Vista and Ballet Folklorico participated in the flash mob at Plaza Bonita to promote the National City Mariachi Festival. Another great way to showcase our talents to the community!
  • Kudos to Tony Atienza for a great Show Choir and Choir concert last Friday.
  • Congratulations to Jeff Williams, H.O.G. Master. The House of Guitars (H.O.G.) was the highlight of the first California Music Education Associaion (CMEA) Guitar Festival. Kudos!
  • Congratulations and Kudos to Marla Navarette, Valerie Ingram, and Sonia Jaime. Dance Force was chosen to perform at the first Career Technology Education Arts Media and Entertainment (CTE AME) statewide conference to be held here in San Diego!

How Do You Encourage Student Interaction? (Addition)

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Here are some best practices that we saw during instructional rounds that encouraged structured student interaction:

  • Arrangement of seats. Desks put together in groups of two to four faciliatate student interaction.
  • Sentence Starters and Frames encourage and guide English Language Learners in partner conversations.
  • It's Think-Write-Pair-Share: Give students think time to answer the question you want them to discuss with a partner. Allow them to write their ideas. Give time for pairs to share ideas with each other--encourage them to read from their writing to facilitate sharing (as they get used to talking to each other, they will use their writing as a guide when sharing). Assign roles if necessary (For example: Partner A & B; Speaker and Listener, etc.). Time the conversations so that students do not start to engage in personal conversations. Randomly call on students to share their discussions to ensure accountability.
  • Novel Ideas Only: All groups share ideas without repeating what has already been said. This works best when there are multiple correct answers to a question.
  • Compare/Contrast: Students share what is the same or different.
  • The types of questions matter. The more open-ended they are, the more the stage is set for student interaction.
  • Let's Play A Game: Four Corners...Use games to review for assessments. In the case of assessments with multiple choices, use four corners. Label the four corners of your classroom with one letter of the different answer choices (A,B,C,D). Allow students to go to the corner of the answer they choose. Allow students to talk to a partner as to why their corner is the correct answer. Use sentence starters as necessary to spur conversation.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more students interact, the more comfortable they become with it.

Never say anything a student can say. Don't allow missed opportunities for student interaction. Find opportunities for students to orally enumerate, describe, summarize, analyze, synthesize, and opine. Let them give you their ideas. Let them tell you. Let them do the academic talking...

Walkthrough Foci

We will continue to deepen the implementation of our initiatives. As we walk through, we will give feedback on one of the following:

  • DLT
  • Use of Academic Language by students in speaking and writing
  • Structured Student Conversations
  • Monday: How is the time used to support/enrich student learning experiences?

PLC Collaboration

  • Please work on the agenda that you had agreed upon based on your last PLC collaboration.
  • A reminder that everyone is expected to stay on campus until the end of the PLC time. Thank you for your professionalism.
  • Please consult the handout given during the Pre-Service days if you need clarification on PLC tasks and products. In terms of Unit Planning, the instructional guides should serve as your guide. You will be given D/F reports for results analysis and intervention planning. It is a great use of PLC time to plan for the administration, calibration, and results analysis of the District Performance-based task that was released recently.
  • Minutes and products should be uploaded to our CANVAS page. Please see your Curriculum Coach for assistance, if needed.

  • Thank you for your engagement and hard work!

Before You Leave For Spring Break

We continue to assist in the effort to save electricity. Araceli Guzman will, once again, distribute the red checklist for energy conservation. Please note:

  • Unplug your computer and small appliances. Leave your refrigerator door open to let it air. Please take food home.
  • Secure classroom valuables and your personal property in locked cabinets. If you cannot secure your personal property, take it home.
  • A decluttered room is a safer room. The custodians will be cleaning classrooms. Please help them do their work better by putting away important papers or throwing out unnecessary ones.

We will be having special visitors after the Spring Break. This will be the time that our custodians will have the opportunity to spruce up our house for the upcoming WASC visit. Thank you for all your assistance.

For The Common Good

  • SAFETY PRACTICES: A reminder to keep your doors in the locked position and to use the magnets to keep your doors accessible even in the locked position. If you need magnets, please let Jaye Leigh or Garry Cabogason know.
  • PARENT CLASSROOM VISITS: Parents were thrilled to visit classrooms last Tuesday. I will be sending general parent comments in a separate E-mail.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL ROUNDS: The collective data showed growth in the number of student interactions during the most recent instructional rounds. Those who joined the coaches and administrators remarked that this should be something everyone should participate in at some point in the semester as it is a positive activity which allows everyone to learn and reflect. Once again, I will send a separate E-mail for the collective findings.
  • STAKEHOLDER MEETINGS: The district has E-mailed all employees and reached out to the community to get feedback for the Superintendent search. These meetings are voluntary but I encourage you to let your voices be heard by attending.
  • SPARTAN ACADEMIC LITERACY PLAN: All the foci I have been writing and talking about in the last two years in these bulletins and in our school plans--those skills that are important for our students to learn--are now in a one-pager. You can use this as reference for you and with your students as you talk about the big picture, including the why's of what you are doing in class. Posters for your classroom will be available after Spring Break.