The Roar

March 21, 2016

"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things." ~ Mother Teresa

Chats with Chatham

As we have been talking about leadership on the announcements, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment here and share a few thoughts.

When I first arrived at Harbins, and as you heard Mr. Hunter share recently, my plan was to listen and learn. There are so many wonderful things taking place at our school, and it has been my mission to understand how all the parts fit together. We have had almost a year together now, and I want to remind you that the great work you have been engaged in has not changed. We still believe in the frameworks. We still believe in our mission and vision. We still believe in technology as a vehicle for students to demonstrate learning. As we move forward in the coming months, we are going to revisit our frameworks and our mission and vision to define who we are now. I know you have revised them in the past, but it is now up to us, as a new team, to come together to solidify our beliefs. As I heard recently, the theme for GCPS summer leadership is The Promise of Gwinnett. Consider that as we continue our work: what is The Promise of Harbins? You should all have a copy of the frameworks and the mission and vision. Take a moment this week to revisit them and think about how they inform your practice and your beliefs. (The first person to send me an email containing the mission and vision will receive a prize!)

Your input in this process is vital. The Wallace Foundation published a report on school leadership that revealed:

"Compared with lower-achieving schools, higher-achieving schools provided all stakeholders with greater influence on decisions. . . Why the better results? Perhaps this a case of two heads - or more - being better than one: The higher performing schools might be explained as a consequence of the greater access they have to collective knowledge and wisdom embedded within their communities."

As you begin this week, think about your role in the school and how you help us achieve our mission and vision. Consider how being a part of a team allows us all to be better.

Make sure you check out the pictures from the Relay for Life Basketball game. It was an incredible event! A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and to Heather Garren and Marcy Florey for leading the way.

It's GREAT to be a Harbins Tiger!


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Harbins Staff Calendar

Click the red button to go directly to the staff online calendar. The two weeks shown below is just a snapshot.

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Who Is Making IT Happen

  • The Relay for Life team! Each one of you played a part in such a successful basketball game Friday night. We had an amazing turn out for such an important cause. It was a close game, but Bob Stone brought home the win! Thank you to all of the volunteers and players. You are what makes Harbins special.
  • ALL of you - see the note below - one of our staff members had dinner paid for by an anonymous person who simply left a note. . . .
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Slide show for the lunchroom

Beginning this week, we will be playing a slide show during lunch all about leadership. When the stop sign comes up, students will need to be silent. We will communicate on the news show, but would appreciate your help in supporting this effort.

Door Lock and Buzz In System (Kindergarten Hallway Door Leading to the Gym)

Now that all have had a chance to see how the new Buzz In system works on the door going to and from the gym, we are going to begin leaving the door locked. Starting Monday, March 21st the door from the Kindergarten Hall going outside to the gym will remain locked. Teachers will need to use their key using the slide lock to enter when taking kids in and out of the building. The Buzz In system is for student use when having to come into the building from the gym to go to the restroom or checking out.

We will have a short video on the morning announcements to demonstrate!

Latest Issue of the Spotlight

Please click on this link to launch the latest issue of Spotlight: http://WebHost/Spotlight

Leaving Early or Coming in Late and Booking Subs

If you have to leave unexpectedly during the day, you will need to complete a leave request form that is located in the mail room with the forms. Have an administrator sign it and give to Montine.

If you leave unexpectedly or have a scheduled leave request, you must also sign out on the clipboard located in the front office. You must also sign in if you come in late unexpectedly or a scheduled leave request.

When Booking Subs

Subs have to be booked for either 4 hours or 8 hours. If you are not leaving til say 11:00 and will be gone for the remainder of the day, you should book the sub for 7:30 - 3:30. If leaving at 1:00, you would book the sub for 11:30 - 3:30. Lets say you have to leave at 9:30 and you are returning at 12:30, you could then book the sub for 9:00 - 1:00 since that would be a 4 hour increment.

Author visit schedule with Barbara O’Connor

Tuesday, March 29th

9:30 – 10:20am - 3rd grade

10:45 – 11 am– K-2 over close circuit (students will stay in their classrooms and watch a short presentation with the author about the tiger tales book)

11-12 – sign books – lunch

12:00 – 12:50pm – 4th grade

1:00 – 1:50pm – 5th grade

Boosterthon - Fun Run (Harbins Tiger Run)

3/22 - Fun Run Kick-Off during Specials

3/22 - Teacher Pep Rally 3:15 in Media Ctr. - Refreshments

3/23 - 3/30 Daily Classroom Visits from Boosterthon Team

3/31 - Fun Run - 2 Grade Levels at a time if outside

4/13 - First Official Count Day - 10% back to teachers of what is turned in by this date

Students will not be provided a t-shirt. We will use the large stickers that Boosterthon will provide.

Staff will be provided a t-shirt. I will send out a link for your sizes in case they have changed since we gathered last year.

Boosterthon will have a Customer Service Line this year.

Students that at least register will receive a bracelet.

Students will have the opportunity on the Fun Run website to have a video with their face in it to solicit pledges/donations from family and friends.

Fun Run Day Schedule

9:00 - 10:15 am - 2nd and 3rd grades

10:30 - 11:45am - K and 1st grade

1:00 - 2:15pm - 4th and 5th grade

No changes to the lunch schedule are needed. The Fun Run is your special and TDPE. No one is allowed on the field on this day because the Fun Run is occupying the field. Thanks everyone! Let's hope it is a sunny day!

Summer Literacy Staff Development

As you are planning your summer, please keep these important dates in mind. Registration is quickly approaching, and I would not want you to miss out on these wonderful learning opportunities. As I get more information I will pass it on to you. Please let me know if I can help you.

Class Who should attend Date Where Registration

Units of Study for Writing (Newly adopted program)* K-2 teachers May 31-Jun 2 TBA March 28 PD&E Tool

Units of Study for Writing (Newly adopted program)* 3-5 teachers July 20-22 TBA March 28 PD&E Tool

Teaching and Learning Conference Interested Classroom Teachers June 16-17 ISC March 28 PD&E Tool

Catching Early Readers and Writers Before They Fall K-1 June 15 Discovery High School

Vision 2017 Interested Classroom Teachers Saturday Mornings 8:00-12:00

Aug 13, Sept 17, Oct 15, Dec 3, Jan 21 April 18 PD&E Tool

LA Fall and Winter Literacy Institutes Interested Classroom Teachers Saturday Mornings 8:00-12:00 Oct 1 and Feb 18 Discovery High School

* This is not required, but it is highly encouraged. They will not be able to house everyone, so if you are interested it will be important to register on March 28th!

Volunteer Breakfast, 4/14/16 at 9:00 a.m.

Help us thank our amazing volunteers this year for all that they do for us! The designated items for each grade level are listed below. The colors are Archer colors and the theme is Volunteers Make IT Happen. Thank you in advance for your support of this special event to recognize our volunteers!

· Support Staff and 1st Grade: Fruit

· Special Areas: Paper products

· Kindergarten: Beverages

· Special Ed (s/c and resource): Casseroles

· Paras: Pastries

· 2nd Grade: Casseroles

· 3rd Grade: Grits/Yogurt

· 4th Grade: Casseroles

· 5th Grade: Bagels, cream cheese/spreads, etc. and condiments

March/April PLC Sessions

We will have another round of PLC sessions on Tuesday, March 29th with a follow-up on Tuesday, April 19th. Please click the flyer below to read the descriptions and make your selection using the embedded form at the bottom. Remember to choose an area that you want to learn more about or an area that supports your professional goals or areas of growth. Please make your choices by Friday, March 18th.

March/April PLC Flyer

Georgia Milestones Experience Online Testing

The following link provides access to the Georgia Milestones Experience Online Testing site. This link provides access to the tools available to students in the DRC assessment platform. On March 8th, the GaDOE will make Georgia Milestone practice items available to students at this link. Please share this link with parents so students have the opportunity to gain experience with the tools and items they will experience during this year's administration of Georgia Milestones. we will include this link in the Peek.

News From Other Schools/Departments

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Mobile Device Reminders

Please remind students of the following Harbins procedures with the use of school-owned devices.

  • Settings - students DO NOT NEED to go into the settings panel. They should not be selecting wireless networks (GCPS-mobile is the correct network), changing displays, backgrounds, accessibility settings, etc.
  • Apps - students are not permitted to download apps on school-owned devices. Please check your devices periodically to ensure that all of the apps on them are ones that are used for education.
  • Charging - please have a plan for keeping your devices charged. We will be getting more chargers in the next few weeks, and Chris & Keith will distribute them to make sure that everyone has enough.

#EdCamp Athens is coming April 30th!

#Edcamp Athens is a great opportunity to connect with fellow educators in our area. This free, informal "un-conference" features sessions led by participants (optional) with an informal schedule. Lunch will also be provided. Registration is COMPLETELY FREE and the event will be held at North Oconee High School. Several Gwinnett educators will be there as well to connect and learn. TO sign up (did I mention it's free?), simply click the globe logo beneath this post to go to the Eventbrite ticket page. Please see Chris if you have any questions about this event.

Come de-stress before the day of the boosterthon!!!

Please join us for moment of relaxation on March 30. We will have Harbins parent Casey Kissel, licensed massage therapist here to help you relax. She will be doing 15 minute massages! The lights will be dim and soft music playing. Come join us during your planning or lunch time in room 1.118 in the U-Haul for your free session. All staff is welcome!

Dates That Lunch Monitors Are Not Available and Teachers Will Need to Eat in Cafe With Their Class

Teachers will need to eat with their class in the Cafe on the following dates due to no lunch monitors being available:

March 21st

April 18th & 28th

May 12th, 23rd, 24th & 25th

Classroom Spirit Award

Each Friday, you will go into the Google Chrome "Friday Spiritwear" file that Montine shared with each of you and enter the total number of students in your class that is wearing a red shirt or Harbins spirit wear. The class showing the most school spirit by wearing red or school spirit wear will get a "spirit paw" to hang on the door. Go Tigers! Show your school spirit and encourage your students to participate!

ABCD Awards

Please send your nominations to Chatham by January 21, 2015, for recognition of staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that teaching and learning at Harbins are at the highest levels.

Roar Deadline

If you want to add something to the Roar, it must be sent to Montine by noon on Thursday of each week. If not turned in by Thursday at noon, it will have to be entered into the following week’s Roar. Thanks for your help!

Leaders in Learning

A Chrome file has been shared with each teacher, please go in to list your Leader in Learning each month when Montine sends out the notification email.

Staff Birthdays


Rodica Belbe 3/24

Lea Sirmans 3/25

Theresa Emmett 3/26

Through the Eyes of a Child

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