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Don't think that you can toss a pair of swimming

What Kind of Clothes Should a Man Take on a Cruise?

Christmas is over an now it's prime cruising season. When it's cold at home, it's time to spread the wings and find a sunnier, warmer place to be, and what better way than cruising to the Bahamas, Bermuda or Mexico? It's time to get your summer wardrobe out of storage, cleaned and ready for use. What's that? You don't have any bamboo cay shirts hanging in the closet ready to dance on the Lido deck? Well, it's time to go shopping for some new clothes then. What clothes should you plan on taking on a cruise?


For the most part, cruising is the ultimate casual vacation. Therefore, tee shirts, tank tops and sporty button ups are king. Bamboo Cay shirts are the ultimate way for guys to stay comfortable and help to keep you cool. Anything you can pair with khaki shorts, gym shorts or something to go with a swimsuit works. These can be worn around the ships, on excursions and into most of the restaurants on-board and in town. Bring something that does not wrinkle easily as they'll be smooshed in suitcases and then hung up in very small closets or folded into drawers.


Don't think that you can toss a pair of swimming trunks into the luggage and you'll be fine. Instead, plan to pack two to three pairs of trunks with your clothing. You always want to wear and one to be drying out from when you wore it before. A third pair is just in case you end up with two drying at once. They're small, foldable and won't take up much room in the scheme of things.


You can't wear your flowered shirts for everything, regardless of how comfortable they are. So, for the formal nights in the grand dining room or just to have your picture made with your significant other, pull out the tux, suit or sports coat. Ladies can feel comfortable in long formal gowns or short dresses, and men should be equally attired in something that requires a tie. Don't forget the dress shoes, either. The last thing you want to do is have the perfect outfit and only flip flops to go with it. While most stores on the ship can help you out in a pinch, most don't carry dress shoes.


Unless you're taking a cruise to Alaska, it's unlikely you'll need more than a jacket on your cruise. But, that jacket is very important. It should also be able to double as raincoat with a hoodie. You never know what the weather will bring, so be prepared with a light jacket just in case.