A desert is a landscape or region of land that is very dry because of low rainfall amounts.
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Deserts take up 1/3 of Earth's land surface and ranges largest in the Middle East & Africa.

Egypt.....Where the Sun is Always Shining!

You can go to Egypt in Africa and study the Persians, learn more about Egyptions historical symbols, and even see the Great Sphinx!

Animals that live in this heated habitat

Of course everyone knows a desert is home to the beloved camel

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Times to Travel

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to travel to a desert! In Summer the heat waves are burning and its guaranteed you'll get sick of the sun. Winter isn't much better because the wind blows hard and you may get caught in a sand storm. However, Spring and Autumn are warm and windy great time to view all the wonderful critters as well!

What to Wear

* Light clothes

* Sunscreen

* Hats

* Sunglasses

* Sandals

* Handkerchief