PGE Library News

Issue No. 2

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • I have put information in your boxes to send home in Tuesday folders. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • I will be discussing the programs thoroughly with the students during the lessons this week.
  • Enjoy some Pirate Booty in the lounge. Thank you for helping me promote our reading programs!

MakerSpace Friday

We have completed our first rotation of Maker Space Friday's! The objective of this activity is a DIY space where our students can create, invent and learn. Activities will vary on grade levels and ability. If you happen to walk passed the Library window's on Friday you will see a lot of creativity going on! The students are given directions for the activity and then allowed time to solve problems, design and work in groups. I hope the students continue to enjoy MakerSpace!

Since we are busy with designated activities, there will not be check out on Friday's. Students can still come with passes before announcements on Friday mornings. (K-2, I have put your passes in your boxes.)

Bathroom in the Library

Since I only see your students for 55 minutes once a week, I am requesting that students do not go to the bathroom during our "learning time" and wait to go until check out time. I know this limits their time to select a book, however, I have quite a few students that are needing to leave during the limited instruction time I have with them. If you have a student with a reason to leave during this time that I should be aware of, please let me know.

Technology News

Accelerated Reader begins on the 19th! If you would like to have an AR icon on the student home page on your student computers, email me.

I will put a copy of the Pathfinders this week on how to search the PGE catalog for specific books, how to request a book that is already checked out and accessing Accelerated Reader.

Kudos to the following classes for exceptional behavior in the library!

Kindergarten - Ms. Hurley's class and Ms. Garza's class

2nd Grade - Ms. McGonigle's homeroom

4th Grade - Ms. Householder's homeroom

5th Grade - Ms. Howard's homeroom

Bookaneer Book Fair - Where books are the treasure!

Monday, Nov. 28th, 7:45am to Friday, Dec. 2nd, 12pm

PGE Library

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