Picturing the Preamble

BY:Olivia Antonelli

Secure Blessings of Liberty

No Americans basic rights will be taken away from them. The connection to the image is that the army men are standing up for there rights and will not be stand down by anyone.

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To form a more perfect union

To form a more perfect union means that the states needed to agree and operate as a country and cooperate on major issues to have a benefit for all the people. The picture ties to this because they needed to work as a team to get the job done and all cooperate to make sure they do the job right.

Establish Justice

Establish justice means they needed to build a new nation and protect peoples rights, and that violate federal laws between the states. The flags stars represents the stars as people the white stripes army and red stripes as the government. See the army needs to protect the government then the government need to protect the people.

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Insure domestic tranquility

Insure domestic tranquility means to keep peace among the people of the United States. The beach ties to this because the calm ocean represents the people being calm and living life.

Provide for the common defense

The military would protect the nation. The picture ties to the common defense because you have got to use your gun and when you don't have a gun you use your hands.

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Promote the general welfare

Promote the general welfare means that it's your well being your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It's tie to the picture is that lady liberty is a moment that promotes that we have are basic right to life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness.

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