Ancient Greece

By James, Xochi, Aurora, Chrissy, Alexandra

Article By James Pierce-Anthropologist

The people of ancient Greece had social hierarchy; you were generally judged by how rich or wealthy you were. The women were sort of "home-bound," and stayed home and took care of the housework and the children, whereas the men were expected to be more public, and take care of the cities . Some houses even had separate quarters, dividing the men and the women. The ancient Greeks cleaned on a routine, mostly before the evening. They feasted upon their main meal towards the evening between 5:00-6:00. Most Greeks had jobs that they worked on a daily routine, for a salary or wage.

The people of ancient Greece were advanced in writing, philosophy, architecture, and pottery. People still use some of the Greek discoveries today. One of the most important things to the ancient Greeks was mythology; they believed in a numerous amount of gods/goddesses, who had human-like emotions, and were responsible for many aspects of everyday life (wealth, poverty, nature, fortune, weather, etc.).The people of ancient Greece communicated with each other by letters, speeches and plays. They could get messages from one place to another by slave or messenger. (Most commonly done by walking from place to place by foot.)

Where Ancient Greece was located!

The Greece was located in southern Europe and it's in the southern most country of the Balkin peninsula. Were they geographically lucky? Yes they were lucky because they had more luck making new towns on the coast. Like Turkey,Italy,Africa and France!

Archaeologists way of seeing Ancient Greece

For the ancient Greeks one of the objects that had special importance was their creative literature. Their way to express human emotions and to keep track of history. That then lead to books and poetry like the Iliad and the Odyssey. Now about the legacy of this civilization. On the kings death the empire broke up into different kingdoms ruled by his generals who called themselves kings. This started a new age when Greek culture spread throughout the ancient world.

Now about some of their legends, myths, and or stories that explain their lifestyle. For the ancient Greeks their mythology and religion were close to each other. But people best know Greek religion by their gods. Especially in Homer and other classical literature. Here is some evidence that this civilization impacted our way of life today. Democracy is an important thing and when the Greeks found out how it worked and were also the first to think about nature and value of democracy with large community’s which then later political scientists and philosophers then studied to find out if it actually worked and was preferable to other communities and their government.

Ancient Greece from a Historians perspective by Aurora Breeze

Ancient Greece from a historians perspective By Aurora Breeze Around 3000 BC. On the island of Crete is when it all began. Crete is an island south of Greece. But however the first civilization was the Minoan civilization.1500 BC. The Greek-speaking people made another civilization called the Mycenaean civilization. Then 3500-1100 BC. Places were built

and people moved in and lived there. The order of events that lead to the success of the civilization's dates back to 1100BC. This is when the Dorian's, people from the north, had

invaded. This is also when the Mycenaean civilization came to an end. And during 2200 BC. The Minoans civilization increases and fill up as the civilization continues on Crete. Some events that changed the course of my civilization for better or for worse began sometime between 1500-1400 BC. The Mycenaean conquered the Minoan capitol. However near 1200 BC they could have fought in a war against Troy a city in Asia Minor. Greek people

talked about this war called the Trojan war a legandary conflict between early Greeks and people of Troy. Leaders or groups that influence my civilization were the Dorians because they had and used more power than anyone. So I think that they had the most power and influenced my civilization the most. And that was my brief history of Ancient Greece.