By Chris " da Bag " Becerra

Warning Signs of Suicide

Sometimes it may be hard to point out but there are sure signs of suicidal behavior. The person may show signs such as excessive sleep, poor concentration, Anerexia or excessive eating, crying, and isolation. Other signs could be verbal such as "I wish I were dead" "I wont be here much longer" "nobody needs me" "Im going to kill myslef" "my family would be better off without me." These are all warning signs of a potential suicide attempt and must be dealt with in a careful and kind manner.

Where can someone with suicidal thoughts go for help?

Well, the treatment is different for every person so there cant be just one place to go for help. The most common of places to go is a hospital to see your local doctor. They will either ask the person who's a victim of depression if theirs anything they like to do that keeps them happy and busy. Although if the case is too serious they will tend to put that person on medication to negate all of the effects of depression. They will also tend to ask the depressed person if theirs anyone they can go to for social support typically anyone in the family will be willing to provide social support but sometimes there aren't people there for them.

Suicide IS preventable

Many people are under the impression that someone with depression or suicidal intention is far beyond any help they could do. This is not true in fact its quite the opposite. People who are suicidal tend to think they are not needed or hated among the rest of the populas. They want to know that they matter and that their life is more then another persons burden. The way to go about this is to be very kind and caring. You don't want to question and criticize their decision as this would only upset them and could possibly be the spark that sets off the bomb. Instead proceed in a calm and collected matter stating that they are needed and that everyone cares about them. Also offer help to them and give them an ultimatum such as, " Don't do anything rash yet.... Lets see if we can get you some help first." If the case is serious they might need medication but even with medication it takes lots of time to recover from an extreme case of depression (suicidal attempts).