News From Grade 4

Week of November 17th

Language Arts

During part of our language arts time, we're focusing on the reading comprehension strategy of visualization. This strategy involves imagining in your mind how things look, but also smell, taste, sound, and feel in order to immerse yourself in what you're reading. Usually the sense of sight is what's prominent though. In our study, we'll look at using quick sketches to help determine what's important in a story. This will involve modeling for the students, having them practice in guided groups, and eventually completing the tasks on their own independently.


This week we're finishing our earth materials unit. Students are looking at how geologists may use different types of tests (scratch test for hardness, vinegar test for calcite) to help in identifying which minerals may be present in a rock. Thursday will be review day with a test on Friday. Students may also use their notebooks for the test.

Word Study

We're starting word study this week. Students were assessed and then placed into word study groups. Each Monday, they will receive two copies of their word lists. One is to stay at school. The other is to take home. The home copy should be cut up and used to sort according to the header cards. The assessments will involve ten words from the list and five additional words that follow the same pattern but were not on the list. More information on what each group is focusing on will be given out at conferences.