Digital Citizenship Project

Cooper H Period 3

Digital Etiquette Rule #1: Be nice online.

  • Don't post anything you wouldn't say face to face.

Information Privacy Rule #2: Keep your personal information to yourself.

  • Information privacy is keeping your personal information to yourself.

Social Networking Rule #3: Keep your social networking profile "clean".

  • Don't put anything on your profile that you wouldn't want your parents, potential employers, or college admin to see.

Online Safety Rule #4: Be careful on the internet.

  • Watch what you do on the internet.

Cyber bullying Rule #5: Report bullying to a teacher of parent before taking it in to your own hands.

  • Tell a teacher or parent first.

Plagiarism Rule #6: Don't copy other peoples writing/text.

  • Use quotes if you want to copy someone writing/text and give credit to the person that said it.

Copyright Rule #7: Don't use a persons copyrighted material without asking.

  • Ask before use. As in, ask the person who owns the material before you use it.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is pretty much in a nutshell double check what you do on the internet. So don't be rude, copy without asking, make sure that the stuff you post is appropriate, keep your personal info to yourself.