"Tolerance - Share similarities, celebrate differences"

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan believes that everyone is created equal. There is NO race that is more superior than another.

He believes that one specific group of people should not lose their rights because of their beliefs.

He believes no one should be forced to participate in actions that they don't believe in i.e. involuntary military participation.

He believes that there should be peace within the nation.

He believes Foreign affairs need to be handled with extreme care.

He believes that the world must live in harmony with one another.

He believes that education should be the most important factor when dealing with our youth.

The Martyrian Platform;

Taxes should only be raised if the results of raising those taxes would directly benefit a large group of people.

The size of the National Defense should be maintained, if not increased.

The government should be open to building allies in other countries but should urge people to first try to buy and sell within the United States so as to stimulate our economy first.

We need to support foreign allies because that would help us have power during an international conflict.

When dealing with criminals, there should be more focus on rehabilitation than on punishing them.

Same sex marriage should be allowed because everyone should have the same rights to do what they want to do.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."