Week of April 4th-April 8th

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! Only 35 school days left until summer break. I hope you all had a wonderful and rejuvenating Spring Break!

DCAs and makeups

Next week will be the last week for scheduled DCAs. All makeups that are being given will be placed in your mailbox when completed. If there are one or two students that we are having trouble getting to take a makeup for you and they come to your class, please refer them to me immediately to get them tested. If we can't track them down and get them tested, they will count as a "0" for the post-test score and we definitely don't want that. Tom Hall will be helping me all this week to administer makeup tests to your students.

I also want to THANK YOU for being patient with me and being understanding and flexible during this time of post-tests. It's not easy but I am glad to be doing my part to help all of you. I apologize that we are having to interrupt class time to call students down for makeups. This too shall pass...

CLEP testing

I have been working on entering all EOC scores for the entire Senior class into a database. Based on these scores, as well as other factors, I am looking to see who our strongest testers are that have not met the 150 points for the school yet. We will NOT be testing any student other than Seniors. I have had a few students come to me interested in CLEP testing but there are certain qualifications the student has to meet in order for the school to pay their CLEP fee.

Once I have the students names collected, I will call them down and ask them if they are interested. We will be busing these students to LC-B Academy for testing during the week of April 18-21. We will offering testing only on certain tests that we feel are best suited for the students. We have had quite a few teachers in the past actually take the CLEP exam themselves and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Some of these exams were extremely difficult for even teachers to pass.

I am asking that you not refer any student to ask about CLEP testing. I have already had to tell 2 students that they don't qualify for free testing through the school. A few other students have also inquired about testing in a subject that was extremely difficult. We would like to use the money that we have been given by the district to help the students achieve success with CLEP, save money on tuition, as well as help the school remain "A" rated.

EOC Testing

EOC testing will begin the week of April 25th and continue well into May. Please take time to review the major concepts with your students to prepare them for success.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd-6th! It would be awesome if we could all extend our appreciation to those teachers around us, in your quad/hallway, and say a little something nice to one another. We are all in this together and we really are THE BEST FACULTY IN AMERICA!!!!