The Joys of Cooking with Wine

Available for only Rs 1600 / person for Vista Lounge

What is it all about?

What to know

  • This session with help you learn and understand and choose a good cooking wine and give you a step-by-step guide to cooking a range of delectable dishes enhanced with wine
  • We’ll provide all the ingredients and the equipment.
  • Recipes will be handed out. Bring a notebook, if you wish

Cost Includes

  • The ingredients and equipment for the demo
  • High tea and tasting after the class

Who this is for

  • Home cooks who love to cook with wine
  • Food enthusiasts with a great palate for wine cooked food

Original Price: Rs 1800. A Rs 200 Discount exclusively for Vista Lounge Members

At 4 PM on the 29th of September 2012 at Cilantro, Bangalore

Its an experience after all !

There’s something utterly elegant about putting wine into your food and then pairing the dish properly with a good wine.

This Poshvine cooking experience is all about making the art of cooking with wine easy and approachable for you.

We begin with some basics – how to choose a good cooking wine and zooming in on recipes, from contemporary to classic.

At the hands-on workshop you’ll learn to make spectacular appetizers such as prawns poached in wine, seafood soups made robust with red wine, meats braised in wine and even desserts that get their zing from wine.

We’ll pair these dishes with the right wine and taste the difference. Look forward to bubbly, heady cooking workshop? Sign up now.

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Contact Richik Nandi at 9916101292 or 080-3190 3330 and mention that you are from Vista Lounge.