Women of the Bible

Tamar - Genesis 38

Tamar was widowed and unaccepted by her brother in Law. She disguised herself as a prostitute so that she might bear their children without his knowledge, forcing him to do right by her.

I find this story similar to Ruth in the respect that they were both capable women who secured their futures, which would have been unnatural at their time.

The Witch of Endor - 1 Samuel 28

Samuel was dead and Israel was mourning. The king, Saul was in despair. Saul disguised himself and sought out The Witch of Endor. Saul asked the woman to conjure up the spirit of Samuel. Samuel told Saul that the lord would deliver Saul, his sons, and all of Israel into the hands of the philistines by tomorrow, dooming Saul.

I feel that The Witch of Endor was probably not intended to be the focus of this chapter, however I find the term 'witch' interesting. It's strange to me to see the word used for such a dated piece of literature. Just something I thought was interesting.

Ruth - Ruth

After a famine caused the death of her husband, Ruth made a pledge to follow her mother in law to the ends of the earth. They traveled to Bethlehem. Ruth and Naomi found work gleaning in the fields of Boaz at the time of the barely harvest. Eventually the two were married and lived happily ever after.

I think that the point of this story is to express the feat of a woman who went above the call of command of other women in those times by securing a future for herself and her mother in law.