Man Discovers Promising Career Path

Job Seekers Hate Him!

Musical Librarians

Music librarianship is admittedly one of the lesser known career paths today, however, it's also among the ranks of the most stable and well paying jobs. Being a music librarian is becoming a highly sought after niche career.

What They Do

Music librarians archive and organize collections of tapes, records, CD's, and written music where they are hired. They are also used as consultants on what music one should play for a specific purpose such movies, radio shows, and orchestras.

Work Environment

Music librarians are generally employed by public or private schools and libraries. They may also be hired to work for government archives and even TV stations or movie studios.

How To Become One

The recommended way to educate oneself for the job of a music librarian by the Music Librarian Association (MLA) is to receive a bachelor's degree in a music related major. Such major could be music history or music performance. Also almost expicitly required is a master's degree in library sciences.


The average annual salary for an entry level music librarian position is $40,000

Job Outlook

The projected growth for music librarian jobs is only 7% percent, while the national average for all careers is 11%.


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