Ever want to be in a movie??

Nows your chance!!

"Sorry Can't Fix Everything" by Hannah Gibson

I am in Independent study this semester, third period, and I have chosen to make a movie about bullying. I've chosen this because not many people do it, let alone high schoolers. I am in need of some great actors as well as a couple equipment managers, etc. If you are interested, come find me during school before Friday OR come to auditions and let me know! There will be a sign up sheet on Mr. Whitney's door, as well as a list of characters to choose from.


Friday, Nov. 1st, 3:45-5:30pm


How this is gonna work:

Be in Mr. Whitney's room by 3:40. Auditions will being at 3:45. You must have completely filled out an information sheet to be handed to me when you come in to audition. No need to be nervous: all you need is your information sheet and the ability to read, no monologue necessary. I will let you know by Tuesday who I have picked for my cast!