Survey report

Jessie Lal

What is this about?

So,basically i have done a survey about the everyday people.These questions are about the person about their health, physical activity,healthy lifestyle,age,where they were born and most importantly how they rate them selves from poor - excellent on their overall health.With this survey i have made it clear that it was open to any age group , as i would like to see the difference between each age group and how their answers vary. I surveyed 10 people and here are the results!

Are you male or female??

In this graph you can see a that i have survey more females than i have males and i have nothing negative towards males. But it just so happened i interview more females than males. To be PRECISE 3 males and 7 females. That's all ;)

Where were you born?

So for this question i had inserted an essay box which allows them to put in their own answer. I am very happy to say the answers had varied! People lived in India, Malaysia , Singapore , Australia.

How old are you?

As i mentioned in the introduction the age group had varied, greatly and i am happy with the finishing result. Take a look for yourself!

What is your occupation?

Yet again, i had inserted, an essay box. The answers had been similar in some cases and different in others. With the information i have collected i found there were many teachers and students. There were also the average day workers and 1 retire.

Do you have any current health issues? (that you want to discuss)

Of coarse the essay box just had to appear again . For this question i am glade to say that out of the 10 people i had interview only 2 had health issues. these health issues weren't major at all. HAPPY!!!

Do you eat your daily serve of vegetables (5) and fruit (2)?

As you ca see in the results table the variation wasn't as big as other questions not only because there are 3 answers (just to point that out). But because we all know what can happen to your bodies if we don't eat fruits and vegetables.

In general, how would you rate your overall health?

This question was not one you would ask yourself every day and you should but the results kinda surprised me but at the same time i knew who was going to say what and why. I am very happy to see no one i interview put down poor to be honest we are always on the move doing things even if its getting of the couch to grab a packet of chips; in a way we are always on the go!

How long do you spend on physical activity? (in a week)

Surprisingly i wasn't expecting this result at all. But i am happy to receive a result like this it shows that even people who have an occupation they are still able to balance out their healthy life sale as-well as work and look-after the family.Great job!!

Do you have support networks?

Looking at the graph i am able to see the results and how people have a good and responsible social life. Although 1 person said no which they mentioned to me they didn't understand the question, until i told them what means the were happy to say "YES" but sadly they are unable to change what they have circled.At least they know what it means and that they have good support networks.

What types of physical activity do you under take?

WE MEET AGAIN, ESSAY BOX!!!!! So i allowed my respondents to type their answer. Man people had put down: walking , running and Pilates they were the three main physically activities that people had taken up. I am not surprised that many people who did a-lot of exercise had limited them selves to a certain number of things and this is probably because they have a family and a job so it's hard to balance out every thing. Either way i am happy that people are doing at least a walk around the block every day!


To sum it all up i am very happy with the results i have collected and i am also happy to know that people are balancing physical activity with their personal life. I am happy there were no major health issues. I also found when age varies so does physical activity and that interesting o find. So..... "I am walking on sunshine with this survey and its feels good!!".