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By: Josie V. and Caroline L.

All About Pandora...

Pandora was a very curious girl. Her curiosity didn't always help her in life though. Pandora was created by clay by a man named Hephaestus. She was created as a punishment for men because she was so beautiful. Zeus offered Pandora to Epimetheus to be married. They were married. They got a wedding gift from Zeus. It was a box that Pandora was never to open the box. The key was given to her husband. One night Pandora opened the box. It let out lots of horrible things in the world, like jealousy, and sadness. That is why everything horrible in the world happened, according to greek mythology.

Our Interview with Pandora

By: Josie V. and Caroline L.

Regina: Hello there Pandora!

Pandora: Hello, How are you today Regina?

Regina: I am Okay!!! How are YOU today?

Pandora: Good thanks, Now lets start the interview

Regina: Who is your father?

Pandora: Oh, Well I suppose that you could say that I was created by a man named Hephaestus who created me by clay, so I suppose that you could call him my father.

Regina: I heard that you were created as a punishment to men! What exactly does that mean?

Pandora: I suppose I never thought about that side of myself. I don’t really know why they created me as a punishment for men. I’ve heard that they created me with beauty that nobody could copy. So I suppose that would be why.

Regina: Are you married?

Pandora: Well yes, I am married to a wonderful man named Epimetheus.

Regina: I have heard that you are very curious. Is it hard being so curious?

Pandora: I love to be curious and I still am. But being curious has created many problems in the world. I suppose you’ve heard the saying “Never open Pandora’s box”

Regina: I have! Could you explain that to me?

Pandora: Well it means that if you open my box many problem can be on the way.

Regina: Wow! That is very interesting! So did your box really cause so many problems for us in the world?

Pandora: Yes! The world was a very peaceful place before the box was opened! If I hadn’t opened the box the world would probably still be a very peaceful place!

Regina: Wow! Thank you very much for sharing that with me!

Pandora: It was my pleasure!

Comparing Pandora and Lindsy Lohan

•Both well known
•Both have to deal
with punishments
•Both are females
•Both are curious
•Both caused issues


•Pandora was pretty

•Pandora was created

with clay

•Lindsy Lohan was

not Greek

• Pandora never went

to jail

•Lindsy Lohan is

not married