leaving earth

oceans of neptune and uranus

i would like to go diving in a planet that is made of only water and gas there is no weathering or erosion do to having no minerals

mars desserts and caves

i would like to go explore the cave of mars there is only water weathering and erosion

drill in to mercurys core i would like to drill in to the4 core to see if there is anything active there is no weathering or erosion do to know atmosphere unless you consider meaterites and craters

solar storm

i would like to go on a space walk in the middle of a solar storm to test the energy levels and genetic mutation of enhanced evolution of micro organisms THERE IS NO WEATHERING DO TO IT BEING MADE OF ONLY LIGHT AND ENERGY

center of a galaxy

i wold like to go through the center of our galaxy which is a black hole or hug concentration of negative energy and positive energy running through a turbine of mixing dark matter and regular matter being absorbed and released as the other there is no erosion or weathering THAT WE KNOW OF