Netherland's Exploration

By:Ashley Guevara,Keyla cordova, Daniela medranojime


In 1614 the newly made New Netherland company had a grant from the Dutch government for the territory between new France and Virginia . ten years later another trading company, settled groups of colonists on Manhattan island and at fort orange. The Dutch also planted trading colonies in the west indies.


The Netherlands was determined to become a commercial power and saw exploration as a means to that end. In 1609, hennery Hudson led an expedition to America for the Dutch East India Company and laid claim to the area along the Hudson River as far as present-day Albany.The population of the Netherlands is about 16 million people. The religions in the Netherlands are roman catholic with a 28%, protestant with a 19% ,other with a 11% ,and no religion with a 48%.The language in the Netherlands is Dutch. some of the Dutch traditions are sinterklaas, Christmas,new year, Easter and kings day. sinterklaas is celebrated on the evening before sinterklaas'(st.Nicholas) birthday on December 5th.the Dutch celebrate by having feasts and getting presents. kings day by the Dutch is celebrated for the kings birthday. The Dutch will give out stuff for free in the markets and they will wear orange.


The sixth largest economy in the European union is, plays an important role as a European transportation hub, with a persistently high trade surplus, stable industrial relations and moderate unemployment. industry focuses on food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining, and electrical machinery.


- Henry Hudson

Extra info

~There are 1180 windmills in the Netherlands.
~the Netherlands has many world class painters.
~The first generation of people on a non-native background consists of people who themselves were born aboard, the second generation consists of people of whom at least one parent was born aboard.


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