Jasmine Gore

Fast Facts

Continent-South America




Main Language-Portuguese

Main Religion-Roman Catholic

Distance From Capital To Washington D.C.-4,011mi


Brazil, Proquest, 2015, Culture Grams online edition. web. 11 Nov.2015.


Most people live in apartments or houses built in style similar to u.s. townhouses have half a bathroom, in a living room and a kitchen on the ground floor, then two bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs. Upper class homes may use Wood, Marble, or granite. Interior decorations vary according to a family's income.


Average Brazilians eat 3 meals a day at 2pm and dinner is usually eaten between 6and8pm extended family members gather together Sunday for lunch. Brazilians eat with a knife in there hand and there fork in the left hand.

Dating And Marriage

12or13 other families encourage group dating. Which often begins at age 14; couples gradually emerge from the group traditional families expect a young man to ask the girls father for permission to date his daughter.


The Brazilians Celebrates the death of Joaquim known as tiradentes Known as tiradentes , a dentist and nationalist who died in the struggle for independence; Labor day [ may1]; the Festas Juninas [June Festivals], which coincide with the feast of St. Anthony [13 June] St. John [24 June.


For nine years [ages6to14] primary school lasts five years. Followed by four years of middle school after completing the required years of schooling, students may choose to attend 3 additional years of secondary school. Attendance is not always strictly enforced, particularly among the older students, many whom leave school early to help there parents support the family.


I will like to take a tour of their housing and try to speak there language and try to dress as them and see if its comfortable and also I will like to try there food to see how it taste and watch them cook there food and will like to visit there school and meet there friends.