Discovering Archeology

By: Savannah Huben

Education Path

Archeology is the study of people that once lived, and what their life was like. In this job you go on many expeditions to find new discoveries. It requires a lot of critical thinking and science. Some helpful high school courses that would help me get ready for learning about Archeology in college would include Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (minimum of two years), Public Speaking, and Statistics and Probability. Some majors and degrees that I should take in college are, Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies Archeology, and Social Sciences Archeology. Some helpful classes that I could also take in college are, advanced courses in math, science, English, and social studies. I think it's very exciting that Archeologist get to travel all over the world, and get to discover many new things about the worlds past.

Training schools and Colleges

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse would be a college that I would like to go to if I become a Archeologist, because its less expensive to go to a in state college, its close to home, and its in a suburban area. This four year college is in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and its a public school University. The student to faculty ratio is 24:1, with class sizes on average to 28 students.

To get into the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse I would have to get a SAT score from 1100 to 1339, and a ACT score of 24 to 27. The school did not list their GPA scores, but their score expectations for the ACT, and the SAT tests are pretty high. So they must give a very good education for your choice of career.

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About the Job

Archeologist study ancient civilizations from when they first existed to when they all became extinct. This is in the branch of life science, because Archeologist study the past lives of people that became extinct. They also, study their culture and what their life was like when they lived , such as their religion, what they ate, and what their home structures were like. First, Archeologist try to figure out what time frame they lived in and why they all disappeared . Archaeologists often work more than 40 hours a week during a good expedition; sometimes they work 7 days a week, for 10 to 14 hours a day. They travel a lot, work in places far away, and have to live in different lifestyles along with working conditions.

What Factors Affect Employment for this job?

In Wisconsin there is good employment opportunities right now for Archeologist, and there are pretty good opportunities for this job nationally too. Believe it or not, but in Wisconsin archeology is pretty popular. Their are a quite few places in Wisconsin looking for people in this occupation so it is pretty common. In Wisconsin jobs are open for Archeologist right now! For example in Appleton, WI there is a jod opening for a trained Archeologist and the employers name is Jeff Le,Claire.


In Wisconsin:








The salary of an Archeologist in Wisconsin is pretty close in pay compared to Archeologist careers nationally. Wisconsin's salary pay is a little bit higher right now then the salary for Archeologist nationally, which is a good thing.


I could see myself possibly doing this Career in my future. Some positive things about going in this direction would be discovering new things and places, but some negatives might be that I would have to travel a lot so it would be hard to see my family. Also, it could be dangerous where some expeditions are because of the weather, my surroundings, or what country I could be in.


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