January Newsletter

Alexander Hamilton High School

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Student Highlights

Notes from the Guidance Department:

  • In January the guidance department hosted the 15th annual Alumni Panel at the AHHS auditorium. Eight Alumni came back to Alexander Hamilton to discuss their experiences in college. The Alumni were filled with lots of information regarding what classes helped them to be successful in college to what colleges are looking for in applicants. The former students explained how to make the most of their college years. Our school community was happy to see the Alumni and glad to hear that their experiences have been positive and fulfilling.
  • Attention Senior class - please remember to hand in your acceptance letters to the guidance department.
  • The guidance department led a short presentation during midterm week to discuss how to use social media appropriately and the effects of social media on mental health.

*Please note that there are a lot of enrichment activities, summer programs, scholarships and much more that can be found in the grade level guidance Google classrooms. We encourage students and families to check the classroom often.

*Please reach out to Ms. Ahern or Ms. Luccioni for additional support or information

- mahern@eufsd.org


This Month in the English Department: High School Happenings

  • This month, our seniors are sharpening their research writing skills for life beyond graduation. Students in English 12 are completing career research papers, which includes an analysis of the educational requirements, an overview of work-related duties, and an interview with a professional from the student's selected future career.

  • Students in our WCC ECE 101 course conducted personal interviews, developed questions based on the interviews, wrote proposals, and gathered information from sources to complete their MLA research papers.

  • WCC ECE 102 seniors completed their comparative study of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner with an MLA literary analysis paper focusing on intertextuality across genres, time periods, and cultures.

  • English 11 students completed a unit of study on the American Dream, building their own definitions through personal interviews and multiple primary, poetic, and fictional sources, ranging from the Declaration of Independence to Lin Manuel Miranda’s contemporary musical celebrating Hispanic heritage entitled In the Heights.

  • English 10 students explored the contemporary applications of George Orwell's Animal Farm through an exploration of literary and persuasive language techniques and their impact on the reader.

  • The English 9 Honors class participated in the Poetry Out Loud program which includes poetry recitations by the students. A day of dynamic creativity—student run!

  • English 9 students also analyzed Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail." In the words of Mr. Egan, the purpose of this assignment is three-fold:

  1. The absolute power and beauty of King's use of language is something that every student should aspire to emulate.

  2. The letter is a perfect example to use to prepare 9th Graders for the Text-Based Response essay they will tackle on the ELA Regents Exam.

  3. We are joining in the celebration of one of the most important men in American History and his even more important mission and accomplishments in the realm of equality for all people.

  4. It is important for students to not just hear Dr. King's name in passing on the 16th, but to really experience his own words, what he stood for, and what he accomplished.

Social Studies Department News:

  • The half year Participation in Government course is ending and our seniors will be transitioning to the second half Economics/Personal Finance course.

  • Cultural Heritage 7 created American Revolution newspapers. Below is a sample of student work.

  • Our three history AP courses are counting down the days until the AP exams. They begin on Monday, May 1. All of our midterms “mimicked” actual AP exams. We believe it is never too early to begin preparations!

Science Department News:

  • The Science Olympiad team continues to prepare for their upcoming competition.

    These range from bridge building to airplane design to road map reading. Students in grades 7-9 are welcome to join, visit Mr. Segaloff for more information. It is a great opportunity for students to be challenged against their peers from neighboring high schools.

  • Inquiry based instruction continues in all classes. Check out the cool photos in this month's newsletter!
  • The Science department continues to urge students to continue their learning and curiosity outside of the classroom. Wonder, ponder and question the world around you. All of your science teachers are glad to help you understand the world around you, just stop by and ask! This months science department YouTube suggestions are:

    SciShow <https://youtube.com/@SciShow>

    Smarter Everyday <https://youtube.com/@smartereveryday>

    Science Friday <https://youtube.com/@scifri>

English as a New Language:

  • Intermediate English language learners are exploring the concept of community gardens. This multi-media unit includes documentaries, articles, photography and Paul Fleischman’s novel Seedfolks.

  • Newcomer English language learners finished an interdisciplinary unit on United States geography. Students developed their language acquisition through the study of maps, texts, video, art, flora and fauna.


  • 7th grade recently finished up their Fauve Remixes of classic Paintings, done in Chalk Pastel. They were able to use a new material and play with color to reimagine Classic Paintings. They had fun, worked on craftsmanship, and did a great job.
  • Portfolio students recently finished their work on Afro-Surrealism which explored culture specific experiences through a surreal
  • All Art classes are working on projects inspired by artists Tawny Chatmon, Aaron Douglas and others in preparation for Black History Month.
  • Check out some student artwork below!

American Revolution newspapers

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Family and Community Engagement

  • Family Engagement Night - we had four workshops that our school community engaged in. A special thank you to Dr. Gonzalez for organizing the workshops.

  • Our Guidance Counselors hosted their annual Alumni Panel. We thank our alumni!

National Hispanic Institute - Presenting to our School Community

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Looking Ahead

  • February is Black History Month

  • February 1 - BOE Meeting

  • February 3rd - AHHS MP2 Report Cards Mailed Home

  • February 17th - half day for students - 7:45 - 10:45

  • Winter Recess is February 18 - 26. Students return February 27

Save the Date - Annual Wax Museum Event

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