Happy New Year

Week of January 4th-8th

Dear Leaders,

Welcome back! We have been thinking about all of you over this break and wishing everyone has had some opportunities for rest and recovery. Welcome to a new year! While the break was rejuvenating, we are happy to be back, connecting with you, hearing about student successes and growth and are looking forward to growing with you all in 2021!

~Lauren, Stephanie and Jennifer

Updated Limited In Person Instruction Guidance

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Big picture

Based on input from multiple stakeholders to improve our processes, and to align our Lii Process closer to our eventual hybrid model, we are updating our guidance. We are moving decisions about who attends Lii to be a building-based decision, continuing our efforts around equity and consistency across the district, and most importantly, supporting more students in need.

Please see this new two page guidance document that outlines all the process and embeds all needed forms, links and resources for:

  • One-time Limited In-person Instruction

    • Assessment & evaluation

    • Coaching & support

    • Other 1 time needs

  • Recurring Limited in-person instruction

    • Priority 1: Internet Access & Communication style makes student unable to Interface with CDL

    • Priority 2: Data showing progress on IEP goals is significantly discrepant

    • Priority 3: Building level determination of need for Lii for variety of reasons

The ODE requirements and limitations for Lii have not changed. The guidance continues to limit the time to 2 hours per day for students. Students can only be in 2 cohorts, including the bus, and staff can only interact with 5 cohorts in one week.

Here is a summary of the important changes in this WLWV guidance for Lii:


    • There is a new 3 step screening process for every student, every day.

    • This is the same process we will be using when we transition to Hybrid, so it allow us to begin practicing


    • Contact tracing will now happen with each student recording their presence on a QR code in the room where the Lii actually occurs


    • Each building will create their own Lii approval team and process based on common guidance


    • Separate forms for Recurring and One-time Lii

    • These are critical to fill out accurately because we are still submitting forms to ODE every week as to exactly how many students and cohorts are participating in Lii each week.

Big picture
We are starting our 3-step screening process outlined in our Blueprints. We will be leaning into this screening process and starting it for students who come into schools for Lii. The first step includes parents screening their child at home. For Casemanagers who are supporting a student accessing Lii, please send this home to families this week.
Action: Send home Parent Screening Tool

Case Managers if you have students in Lii, please send home this Parent Screening Tool ASAP. Click the button to access the tool.

Extended School Year

Consider the Regression and also the Recoupment through Apples to Apples Comparison

Finding an apples to apples comparison can look a bit different in a global pandemic when the context of school shifted for all students. We just completed winter break and it is a great opportunity to collect some apples to apples data!

If you have students who have "to be determined" marked on their IEP, now is the time! You collected some data on their IEP goals prior to the winter break and now can collect it after.

Remember, regression is normal. We all regress after a break. Some regression is expected, but it is how long it takes us to recoup those skills that can be variable. We expect students after a two week break to recoup their regressed skills within two weeks.

Check out the Student Services Handbook on Extended School Year. It includes more in depth information including our guiding principles and procedural guidance for ESY.

  • Use the ESY checklist for documentation in ePEP on the IEP tab.
  • Data must be taken until a team decision can be reached on regression and recoupment.
  • Data only needs to be collected for skills or behaviors where the IEP team is recommending or considering ESY. Data is not necessarily needed across all areas on the IEP. Data needs to be entered in ePEP.
  • Casemanager should plan to meet with Student Services Instructional Coordinator to help interpret data before meeting with the IEP team.
  • If the student has "To Be Considered" selected on the IEP, a team meeting must be held to determine if the student does or does not qualify for ESY. The deadline to meet is April 15th.
  • All documentation is due to the Student Services office by the end of April

Book Study: Comprehensive Literacy for All

This year has brought so much new. We have adapted and reimagined what school can look like! It is a truly incredible feat. With all of the changes and demands this year, we were not able to offer our typical Cycles of Inquiry. We would like to offer a different way to learn and reflect together this year though optional book studies.

We are going to start this book study process with the book Comprehensive Literacy for All: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities to Read and Write by David Koppenhaver. Several of you have already signed up to explore this text together. If you are still interested, check out the button below to sign up for the Book Study opportunity.

This text supports students across all grade levels! Whether you support primary, midlevel, high school or adult transition, consider joining your colleagues!

The dates will be:

  • January 13th | 2:00-3:30
  • January 27th | 2:30-3:30
  • February 10th | 2:30-3:30
  • February 24th | 2:30-3:30
  • March 10th | 2:30-3:30
Sign up: Comprehensive Literacy for All Book Study

Click this button to sign up for the Comprehensive Literacy for All Book Study.