RILINK Newsletter

December 2017

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December 13 Resource Manager Presentation! Please share with your tech directors and administrators!

eBooks and Digital Audiobooks

Many IEPs now require other ways of providing content, and BookLynx now includes a small collection of audio books. You can see the list of titles currently in the collection at .

If you would like to see this collection grow, please add your suggestions to our online form at . For help and additional sources of audio books, see our web site at .

We have added lots of new eBook titles to BookLynx. Check out the list at . Find directions for adding BookLynx titles to your collection at .

LibGuides Tip of the Month

Did you know that boxes could float??? Check out to view what the Floating Box option looks like on your LibGuides site.

And how cool are the improved Gallery Box options! A shout out to Donna Sousa at EPHS for the Gallery Box of RITBA nominees she created.

Learn more about Box Options at and the new Gallery Box options at .

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