Color of Our Worlds December 2020

Educating ALL Students for Success!

MCSD Welcomes its New Superintendent - Dr. John Millay

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Dr. John Millay Introduces Himself to Our Community

Dr. John Millay Martin County Community Welcome
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Parent University Workshop - December 3, 2020 - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Thee Martin County School District will host a series of information workshops via Zoom in English and Spanish for all parents to access. A different topic will be presented each month. This month, staff will educate parents on the District's response to COVID-19 and the risk mitigation strategies that have been implemented in schools.
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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family Media Diet

A healthy media diet balances activities (games, social media, TV), time (15 minutes? Three hours?), and choices (YouTube, Minecraft, Star Wars) with offline activities (sports, face-to-face conversations, daydreaming). At some point, kids will be able to manage their own media diets. In the meantime, these tips can help set them up for success. (Learn more about the screen time habits of families with kids under 8 in Common Sense Media's most recent research.)

  • Find balance. Instead of counting daily screen-time minutes, aim for a balance throughout the week. Get your kids to help plan a week that includes stuff they have to do and stuff they like to do, such as schoolwork, activities, chores, reading, family time, and TV or gaming. Decide on limits and behavior using our Family Media Agreement.
  • Walk the walk. Put your devices away while driving, at mealtimes (learn about our Device-Free Dinner initiative), and during important conversations. Kids will learn habits from you.
  • Talk about it. Ask questions about kids' favorite games, shows, and characters. Discuss ideas and issues they read about or learn about through a TV show or a game. This is an opportunity for bonding, learning, and sharing your values.
  • Create tech-free zones. Set rules that fit your family, such as "no devices during dinner," "no social media during homework," or "all screens off before bedtime."
  • Check ratings. Choose age-appropriate, high-quality media and tech for your kids. Use our reviews to find good stuff.
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Video for Students using Classkick on the Web
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Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light 2020 Teaser
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Family Stories

Telling family stories helps your child get to know special people in his life. Storytelling is also an important tradition in many cultures, and can help build a sense of family and community while giving children a foundation for early reading skills at the same time.

This article provides a number of ways that you can make storytelling a part of the time your family spends together.

What to Do

The first activities in the list below work well with younger children. As your child grows older, the later activities let him do more. But keep doing the first ones as long as he enjoys them.

Share family stories

Tell your child stories about your parents and grandparents or about others who are special to you and your family. You might put these stories in a book and add old photographs.

The storyteller's voice helps your child to hear the sounds of words and how they are put together to make meaning.

Think out loud about when you were little

Make a story out of something that happened, such as a family trip, a birthday party, or when you lost your first tooth.

Ask your child to share stories

Have your child tell you stories about what he did on special days, such as holidays, birthdays, and family vacations.

Keep family journals from trips and special events

If you go on a trip, write a trip journal with your child to make a new family story. Take photographs of special events. Writing down special events and pasting photographs of the events in the journal will tie the family story to a written history. You can also include everyday trips, such as going to the grocery store or the park.

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All students eat free during the 2020-2021 school year!

While all students will receive free breakfasts and lunches this year, we are still asking all families to complete a meal application to ensure funding continues to be available to support Martin County students.

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Intervention for ELLs: Increasing Preliteracy Skills through CARE & Wordless Books

Sharing Wordless Picture Books

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School Happenings

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Port Salerno Elementary School has been selected by the Florida Department of Education to decorate ornaments for the 2020 America Celebrates tree display at President's Park in Washington, D.C.

First Lady Melania Trump, in partnership with the National Park Service and National Park Foundation, has invited students across the nation to decorate an ornament representing their state or territory. During the 2020 holiday season, the decorated ornaments will be featured on the America Celebrates trees that surround the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse at President’s Park, and will also have the opportunity to be displayed inside the White House.

In bringing their designs to life, Port Salerno students will depict what makes Florida beautiful, showing the people, places and things that capture the spirit of the Sunshine State.

"We are thrilled to have been presented with the opportunity to represent Port Salerno Elementary, Martin County and the state of Florida," Principal Allysa Eberst said. "Our students and teachers are excited about the opportunity to have their talents and creativity showcased in our nation's capitol."

"I could not be more proud of Port Salerno Elementary School for being selected as Florida's representation in this national celebration," Superintendent Laurie J. Gaylord shared. "I have no doubt students will capture the spirit of Florida in beautiful, creative and festive fashion. The holiday season and the chance to view our students' creations cannot come soon enough!"

To learn more about the annual America Celebrates event, please click here.

What is Your Why?

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Sesame Street: Episode #4520: J. Monae Power of Yet (HBO Kids)


COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions. But despite school closures and other lockdown measures, the young people in this video series are finding new and interesting ways to stay engaged whilst coping with home-schooling and staying indoors. From dance to sport, from cooking to art, they are turning to their passions and interests to stay positive and learn new skills.

Each story is a window into the life of a young person who inspires with original tips for learning something new.

It’s time to reimagine a better world for every child. Check back for new episodes in our #LearnWithMe series.

Episode 1 | Learn to make Banana Bread with Roni in Uruguay | UNICEF
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Character is built, not born!

Your child’s character is a work in progress.

Help him strengthen the traits that support school success.

Here are four to focus on:

1. Responsibility. Teach him that he has control over his choices and actions.

2. Flexibility. Model listening, negotiation and compromise for your child.

3. Empathy. Ask your child to imagine how others might feel.

4. Respect. Discuss what respectful behavior looks like, at home and in class.

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Free Resources for Families & Teachers

As all of Florida’s 74 school districts have re-opened and are offering in-person education, the Florida Department of Education has compiled a list of free resources that are aligned with the standards taught in Florida classrooms, to support students as they return to school.

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Reach and teach your ELs wherever they are.

Engage students online and offline. Support continued math learning. Find inspiration in our community.

Community Resources

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Martin County School District Title I Schools and Program Staff

Elementary Schools:

 Hobe Sound Elementary

 JD Parker Elementary School

 Pinewood Elementary School

 Port Salerno Elementary School

 Seawind Elementary School

 Warfield Elementary School

Secondary Schools:

 David Anderson Middle School

 Indiantown Middle School

 Spectrum Academy

 Willoughby Learning Center

Title I Program Staff

Shela Khanal, Director of Title I Programs

Debra George, Coordinator of Title I Programs

Deb Stull, Coordinator District Title Programs: ELL, Immigrant, and FIT

Casey Vasko, Federal Programs/ Equitable Services Liaison

Yvonne Blanco, Title I Department Secretary