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September 2020

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Thank you!

We are so proud of our students! They have quickly adapted to the new routines and procedures. We are so thankful for the hard work you have done to prepare your children to wear their masks and take precautions to keep everyone safe. Although Stonybrook looks a little different this year, our teachers are building routines and procedures as well as taking time to get to know students and their abilities. Students are following typical beginning of the year activities including building relationships, learning about classroom expectations, and participating in hands-on-learning.

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Live Streaming Update

We are pleased inform you that web cameras are now in all general education classrooms (Grades 3-5). Over the next few weeks teachers will be working through the logistics of live streaming in their classroom. This means that while students are present in the classroom teachers will also be managing a Zoom meeting (admitting students, sharing their screen, balancing communication with in-person and at-home students, teaching a lesson, etc.).

Teachers will start by hosting a morning meeting or read aloud, then transition to teaching mini-lessons. Once teachers gain familiarity with simultaneously teaching in-person and at-home students, they will begin teaching mini-lessons in core subjects including Reading, Writing, and Math. Our hope is for all grade level teachers to begin live streaming mini-lessons in ELA and Math during the week of October 5th and surely before the end of the following week. Our supervisors are supporting our teachers in thinking through the structure of live streaming their lessons and how best to communicate when live lessons are taking place. Teachers will share more information regarding live streaming in the coming days.

Zoom Meeting Expectations

Please treat your student's Zoom meeting like it is your student's classroom. We are all adjusting to this new normal way of education, and it is important to treat teachers and other students with respect. We ask that all virtual "class meeting" times be for student participation only.

During a Zoom meeting, it is important to remember that teachers are monitoring for student understanding. When a student has difficulty with a concept the teacher is able to identify what they are going to teach next. If parents are providing behind the scenes support during lessons the teacher is not able to gauge a student's true abilities.

Below are some basic tips while using Zoom:

  • Sign-in using your child's student account, and be sure the student first and last name is visible. Only students named with their first and last name will be admitted into the Zoom meeting.

  • Dress for Success: Make sure your child has on appropriate clothing for a video chat with teachers & classmates. (Parents this also applies to all other family members. If you are behind the screen all participants can see you)

  • Show Respect: Remind your child to take turns speaking and do not talk while others are sharing.

  • Screen Sharing: No screen sharing without permission from the teacher.

  • Using Chat: Students are expected to use appropriate language when asking and answering questions using the chat function.

  • Mute is your Friend: Be sure your child knows how to mute when they are not speaking to eliminate background noise.

  • Location is Key: Find a quiet area with good lighting and stay remind your child to stay there throughout the Zoom meeting. (If the TV is on or someone is having a phone conversation, it can be heard by all participants when your child is unmuted.)

  • Be sure to have a set snack time for your child so they are not eating during their Zoom meeting.

  • Help your child remain engaged by creating a workspace free of distractions.

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Before/Aftercare and Kindergarten Extended Day (KED) Program

Please see the Kinnelon Before and After School Program Flyer for information about program and costs. Here is the registration link to the program. For questions please contact program director Danielle Altman at or call at (973)-633-9007.

Student Pick-ups at Stonybrook School

Students being picked up will be called beginning at 3:10 PM.

Please do not use the online Dismissal/Pick-up form after 1:30pm. The form will be opened each morning and closed for new entries at 1:30pm. This allows our administrative assistant adequate time to communicate pick-up information with the classroom teachers. If you experience an emergent situation and your child must be picked up at school, please contact the main office.


We are trying to keep remote and in-person schedules as similar as possible to create consistency for our kids. We will review the Encore class schedule on a regular basis to provide a balance of both synchronous and asynchronous instruction for our students.

Student schedules have been updated in OnCourse. In elementary school teachers generally use blocks of time for English Language Arts and Math that extend beyond the 40 minute periods. Please refer to the schedule posted by your child's teacher to better understand when your child is expected to complete each assignment and how long the assignment should take to complete. In the classroom teachers are able to guide students through each activity and provide expectations, we are working to find the best way to transfer this guidance and pacing to the At-Home learners.

Special or “Encore” Schedule:

Encore classes will operate on a Monday through Friday schedule. Teachers will post Encore class schedules in OnCourse Connect.

At-home hybrid and all-virtual learners can access their Encore activities using their OnCourse Connect dashboard by clicking on the name of the class to view messages and activities.


Hybrid students attending on their “in-person” days will have a live lesson with their Encore teacher following a typical M-F schedule (no Day 1, Day 2, etc.). Hybrid "at-home” students will participate in pre-recorded lessons with the exception of Phys. Ed., which may be live. For example, if a class is scheduled to have Art on Monday, students in Green/Cohort A will participate live, in school while their classmates in Yellow/Cohort B will receive virtual, asynchronous instruction. Full-time Remote/Virtual students will receive Phys. Ed. twice-weekly (1x/synchronous, 1x asynchronous on Wednesdays).

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Teachers will provide asynchronous learning activities through OnCourse Connect. All students grades 3-5 will have an asynchronous Physical Education choice board on Wednesdays as well as access to a choice board including activities from Art, Music, World Language, and Library Media. Mrs. Bosch has created a School-Wide Book of the Week to connect our students as a community of learners.


Thankfully the weather has been beautiful so students have had the choice to eat lunch outside!

Free Lunch for All Students

Due to a Department of Agriculture extension of the Seamless Summer Option, lunches at Kinnelon Schools will be free of charge. This program is anticipated to last until December 31, 2020. Meals, which must include a fruit or vegetable and at least 2 other meal components, and a la carte
items are offered in the cafeteria every day during lunch periods. A la carte items like chips, cookies or water are still available at a cost.

We also have grab and go meals available for virtual and hybrid students on days when they are learning from home. These meals may be picked up at Kinnelon High School's main entrance between 9 and 10 am daily. These meals are also for students enrolled in our free and reduced lunch program.

Please order using the form below:


If you have any questions or concerns reegarding the Seamless Summer Option extension, please contact Assunta Franklin at

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The Vision for All: An Image of the Future We Seek to Create

Our vision is that learning transfers to life beyond the Kinnelon Public Schools experience. This enables each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in the global community.

KPS Full Value Norms

  • Be Here

  • Be Safe

  • Be Honest

  • Let Go and Move On

  • Take Care of Self and Others

  • Create and Commit to Goals

Save the Date

9/28 Yom Kippur - Schools & Offices Closed

9/29 & 10/1 Picture Days

10/1 Stonybrook Back to School Night

10/5-10/9 Week of Respect

11/2. Minimum Day/Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/2 Evening conferences at PRM and Stonybrook

11/3 Schools Closed (Election Day)

11/4. Minimum day/conferences (w/evening conferences at Kiel)

11/5-11/6. Schools Closed for NJEA Convention

11/17-Picture Day Make-ups/Retakes

Please join us on Thursday, October 1st for a virtual Back to School Night from 5:30-7:30pm. For more information, please read the agenda here.

Picture Day Reminder

  • Tuesday, September 29th for students who attend school on Monday and Tuesday (Green/Cohort A)
  • Thursday, October 1st for students who attend school on Thursday and Friday (Yellow/Cohort B)
  • Make-up photos are tentatively scheduled for November 17th.

Click here for the Lifetouch flyer and to order online.

Additionally, our full-time remote learners are invited to have their school photos taken after dismissal between 4:00 PM and 5:50 PM. Spots are filling up quickly. If you're interested, click here.