Shhhhh . . .Secret Shower!

Week of January 18-22, 2016

Someone got MARRIED, but did not tell!

Our new team member, Blanca Orozco, got married on Saturday, January 9, 2016. She did not tell her Passmore family. Blanca did not want to be a bother since she is NEW. Well, she does not know us very well. Let's show Blanca that it does not matter that she is new, she is STILL PART OF THE PASSMORE FAMILY!

Wedding Shower!

There is no specific date, but during the week of January 18-January 22 please show your love for our new, newlywed teacher by bringing her and her husband a gift card of your choice. You can bring it by her room or drop it in her box. I am sure Blanca will appreciate the recognition of her wedding and the friendly welcome!

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