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Karla Savage - Origami Owl Director/Founding Designer #1161

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About Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a social selling company & was founded by a 14 year old entrepreneur!

With Origami Owl you can do what you love + love what you do. Get involved with a unique social selling business that's setting a new standard in the industry. Be a part of the trend that's sweeping the nation!

I am looking for savvy, bold and energetic people to join my team. Launch your own business as a Designer with Origami Owl + help others create stylish customizable jewelry that they'll cherish. Run your own social selling jewelry business that's anything but typical! Learn more at

If you have questions about becoming an Independent Designer, hosting a Jewelry Bar to earn FREE & Discounted Jewelry, or to place an order...I would love to hear from you! As your Origami Owl Independent Designer I am hear to assist you with party orders, products, hosting a fun Jewelry Bar & more.

I hope you enjoy your special offer!

Karla Savage
Origami Owl Director #1161
(309) 830-0702