Looking for Alaska by John Green

Madison Cetrulo (Choice #1)

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  1. Miles Halter also known as "Pudge" is one of the main characters in this book. Miles is a nerdy boy who enjoys learning and reading, many famous peoples last words they say before they die. Miles had a hard time at his old school connecting with people so that's why he joined Culver Creek. Miles really likes Alaska but she has a boyfriend.
  2. Chip Martin (the Colonel) is also a little nerdy. He is called the Colonel because he is a good planner of pranks and etc for his friend's so they think he is a good leader. He has a good streak of always getting kicked out of the basketball games.
  3. Alaska Young is a good friend of Chip and Miles. She is a free spirited girl and has a long distace boyfriend. Alaska got a fake id so she could buy liquor and smoke. She also never goes home on holidays because she says she doesn't have a home.
  4. Mr.Starnes also known as "The Eagle" is the dean of the school. They call him the eagle because he is always watching over the students to make sure they are doing nothing wrong.


The main setting in this book is in Birmingham, Alabama at a Prepatory School called Culver Creek. This is the school that Miles and Chip attend. When Miles moved to the school it was very hot, but then a rain storm happened and and Alaska and Miles then spend at lot of time together.
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Rising Action A

The rising action begins almost at the beginning when a few of the Weekday Warriors pull Miles into a lake and wrapped duct tape all over his body. Then a few guys from the Weekday Warriors start blaming Chip and Alaska that they "ratted out there friend" who got kicked off of campus because he was doing something bad.
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Rising Action B

Alaska was getting tired of them blaming her and her friends so she decided to pull a prank on the Weekday Warriors. She sent a report card to all there parents saying they all failed. When Alaska was hanging out with her friends some bad news was told to her friends.
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One night Alaska got a phone call. She drove out of town that night which wasn't good because she was drunk. Since she was drinking and driving she ran into a police cruiser and she died at that second due to the impact of the steering wheel. When Miles and Chip found out they were heart broken because they both liked her.
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In honor of Alaska Miles and Chip pull one final prank on people since Alaska loves pranks. They order someone to come to there class on the last day of school. The person that came wasn't an appropriate for the school environment. Also at the end of the book Miles finds a meaning that Alaska wanted to know(Great Perhaps that the labyrinth of life has no end).
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