St Vincent de Paul

Donate to St Vinnie's today and change lives

St Vincent de Paul Winter Appel

This winter, the St Vincent de Paul Society will see an increase in calls for help from families that have fallen on tough times. We as a community can help with answering these calls with goods such as foods, clothes and money. these things help those families who are struggling with food for the family, financial bills or some times they just want comfort.

What can we do about it?

You can donate to St Vincent de Paul by either donating money, clothes or food. You can become a volunteer or member on the St Vinnie's website and help to go on street appeals and sleep outs all to raise money for the St Vinnie's mission.

services provided by St Vinnie's

There are many exciting programs and activities happening in every state and territory, so why not see what you can do to enrich the lives of others and sign up to volunteer! You will find the experience of helping people rewarding, fun, invigorating and the best decision you will ever make! here is a picture of St Vincent de Paul who always strived to help others and was kind and caring to people around him. Come and keep the St Vinnie's story alive by volunteering at