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Ra'Onia Tillman

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is a way to get things that you create and others things like your business to make more people come and buy your products.
Some advertising things are, if I'm a sells person who sells phones I would say that Taylor Swift says that these and the best phones ever and that is advertising.

sketching and design

interior design

Colors such as green, yellow, pink and purple make you happy. On the other hand colors such as darker colors make you feel angry or sad. but interior colors does not have specific colors to any mood.

fashion history

Fashion history is different years that have different styles that are different from styles from today. Such as 1970s women always wore poodle dresses that has a lot of fabric under them.
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sewing is a good thing to now how to do. sewing can help you others things cant. sewing to me is a requirement to know how to just in case something need to be hand stitched. sewing is something that I really take my passion into because it is something that I like to do.