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December 6, 2020

Message from the Superintendent

Hello Raider Families,

As we reflect on the close of our first full week of k-12 distance learning, we might all be wondering what is in store for the near future. Unfortunately, I don't have THE answer, but I can tell you that we are watching daily COVID numbers (which are continuing to rise) and our positivity rate (which is again above 11%). We are hopeful that we have enough information by Friday, December 19th to make a decision about what to plan for after winter break. Until then we will plan for both the continuation of distance learning and be ready for some potential hybrid situation. As your children settle into distance learning, please continue to let their teachers and principals know what is working and what is not working for your family. It is important to me that we adjust to the extent possible during this time; we want to make sure that we are working as partners to support your child's learning.

On another topic, this week’s school board meeting will include the final planned budget adjustment conversation and decisions for the year.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen it, COVIDware MN is up and running. It is an app you can put on your phone that will notify you if you have been near someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Go to It's important that we work together to reduce the spread of COVID so that we can see your children back in school.

Distance Learning Tip of the Week

Even when you have a great schedule and have set aside time throughout the day for movement breaks, when technology isn't working the way we want it to, distance learning is a challenge. So, this week's distance learning tip of the week is focused on tech.

  • While it may seem simple, one practice your child should make a routine is to power down their device completely and turn it back on every several days. This process of "rebooting" clears out the digital cobwebs and will help the device run more smoothly.
  • Keep open only those apps and tabs that are necessary to the tasks at hand. When unnecessary tabs and apps are kept open, they run in the background causing the device to run less efficiently.
  • If you see that your internet is lagging, check with your service provider about next steps; you may be in need of a modem reboot or additional bandwidth.

Shout Out!

We know that the 2020-2021 school year is unlike any other in history. We also know that all of our staff are working differently than in the past. This week, we'd like to extend our thanks to the childcare workers! Staff from around the district are working in childcare for Tier 1 workers in our community. We want to give a shout out to our childcare workers; thanks for supporting our community!

Letter from our Nurse

Much has been learned about COVID-19 in the past 6 months. Mary Ellen Fox, our district's Health Services Coordinator, invites you to read her letter; we've included some highlights below.

  • COVID-19 is an "air-borne" virus. It is mainly spread from person to person when they are considered, "in close contact".
  • Close contact is when people are within six feet of each other for 15 minutes or more.
  • Even brief intense up close contact can be a significant exposure - some examples are an unmasked hug or a face to face encounter during a sports game.
  • If people have a barrier over their mouth and nose, they are less likely to give the disease to others and also less likely to get sick.
  • People are contagious two days before they come down with COVID-19.
  • Quarantining is essential! If you may have been exposed, stay at home for 14 days.
  • It can take from 2 to 12 days after exposure to begin showing symptoms.
  • Kids, teens, preschoolers and even infants are testing positive for COVID-19.
  • People are considered to have 90 days of immunity after they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Here's what you can do:

  • Follow public health official guidelines - wear a mask, stay social distanced and reduce unnecessary social contact.
  • Stay in contact with your friends and family - Zoom, text, call and you may even consider "snail mail".
  • If you are having any symptoms or there is a possibility that you may have been in contact with someone with COVID, get tested.
  • Contact the nurse at your child's school if your child needs to quarantine or if they may have COVID-19.

Here is a list of resources that you are invited to access.

Hastings Public Schools

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