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January News Splash 2021

Let's Swim Greenville!

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Swimmers of the Year 2020

We had so many swimmers that had to overcome adversity, shutdowns, and covid restrictions to find ways to continue the sport they love. Since this was such a crazy year we decided to pick two swimmers of the year: they were John Decker and Bob McKee! John is a die hard swimmer and during the complete shut down he decided to buy a wet suit and headed for the open water. He swam through cold, windy and rough conditions about three times a week during this time period. And then we had Bob McKee that kept ultra busy with other fitness regimes including soup can swimming. Both of these men came to workouts on a very regular basis once the pools were back open. We are so proud of both of them for their amazing accomplishments in the face of obstacles in 2020!
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John Decker

Now that 2020 is coming to an end.

It’s Swimmer of the Year time and that has been the trend!

This swimmer has accumulated many records over the years.

He loves open water swims and has no fears.

From 1500 to 400 IM to 200 Fly

He loves the challenging events and that is no lie!

A Clemson boy who loves his football team.

Cheering the tigers to victory is all that it seems!

Swimming open water when pools were shut down.

Traveling to lakes that were out of town.

Diligent to swim every day in a week….

Winning Low Country Splash this fall was quite a feat!

Always late to practice is his claim to fame.

He loves to swim IM and now you might know his name.

John Decker we are so proud of you.

You deserve this award and that is so true!

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Bob McKee

Now that 2020 is coming to an end.

It’s Swimmer of the Year #2 and that’s the new trend!

This swimmer has accumulated many Triathlon awards over the years.

From Sprint to Ironman he has no fears.

Swimming at the Kroc has been his fate.

He brings his wife Becki and is never late!

Swimming at our workouts every week.

He is getting faster and that is what he seeks.

It won’t be long before we convert him to swim in a meet…

We need to push him in 2021 and turn up the heat!

If you haven’t figured out who I have in mind….

This is Bob McKee and he is very kind.

We love that you are part of our team.

Keep up the good work to see your swimming dream!

Time to Renew or Join USMS and Greenville Splash Team Dues

Thank you for your support in joining United States Masters Swimming and Greenville Splash. Your support allows our team to provide outreach to our community, provide liability insurance, and helps us to cover team expenses. Click the buttons below to pay dues. Greenville Splash dues can be paid online through our website, Venmo, or swimmers can write a check to Greenville Splash (please give those to Leslie or Carolyn).
Greenville Splash 2021 Team Dues

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USMS 2021 Membership

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Brenda Stephens

Greenville Splash would not be possible without the help of our volunteers. This year we want to recognize Brenda for her never ending dedication to helping others and for helping to implement our team mission. She volunteers at all of our events every year. She will help others at a workout and she has learned how to be a buddy swimmer during open water adventures and for the Upstate Splash. She loves to teach others how to swim and enjoy the water. And what we like most about her is she even volunteers her family members to help out with kayaking! Thank you Brenda.
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Brenda Stephens

Is it already time for 2020 to end?

What a year for Greenville Splash it has been!

Not many events have taken place.

So, who will be the Volunteer of the Year for today’s face?

Hmmm…. let me name a few things you see…

This person is involved and that is the key.

From teaching kids at school each day…

She volunteers for all GS events and always says okay.

Always willing to give a helping hand.

She is the sweetest person in all of Greenville land!

Making sure swimmers were safe this year at the Lake.

She stayed in the water to help for Upstate Splash’s sake.

If you haven’t figured out the Volunteer of this Year.

It is Brenda Stephens and she is right here!

All of us at Greenville Splash are most appreciative of you.

Here’s to our gratitude and a whole lot of love too!

Special Note from Coach Leslie

It is amazing how much we accomplish every year; and even with covid-19 we still had so much to be thankful for at the pool and during open water season. All of our coaches want to wish everyone a very happy new year! We are hoping 2021 brings blessings to you and your family. We look forward to coaching you at the pool. Let your coaches know your goals or plans for the new year. We are here to help!

Please continue to thank our team sponsors by buying their products! We want to thank Dolfin Swimwear and Synergy for providing prizes and goodies for our team. Come visit Alpine Ski to pick up a Dolfin swim suit and swim equipment.

During these difficult times of the pandemic we want you to know that Greenville Splash is your extended family. Please reach out to your teammates and coaches if you need anything. We care about you! The vaccine is coming soon. Keep coming to swim to help with fitness, anxiety and mental health.

Send us pictures, stories or tips for our next newsletter. Feel free to email Coach Leslie at or give me a call if you need any help with anything: 864-283-1328.

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Upcoming Events

Jan. 30

USMS One Hour Swim at GCAC 7:00-9:30 am

You must sign up with Coach Leslie in order to secure lane space. Maximum of two swimmers per lane. Email Leslie at Swimmers will arrive at 7:00 and find a partner. You will swim for one hour and count laps for one hour. The first group will start at 7:15. Second group will start at 8:30 am. You can swim it for fun and fitness or swim it as a competition and send your results to USMS to see how you stack up against others of your age around the country! Click here for entry information.

Feb 8-11

USMS Winter Fitness Challenge.

We will be doing the 30 minute fitness challenge at all of our workouts during this week. You can swim it for fun or enter to help support the USMS Covid-19 Relief Program. Click here for more information.

March 1-31

Greenville Splash March Madness Fitness Challenge

Track your fitness and swim every short course event during the month of March. We will have some fun prizes! More information coming soon!

April 29 - May 2

2021 Spring USMS Nationals, Greensboro, NC

Click here for the latest updates.

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Greenville Splash Has the Best Team Traditions

Splashing Accomplishments

The South Carolina SCM State Meet was held in December at the new pool in Charleston. We had a few swimmers that made the trek to swim some awesome times! Our mighty swimmers came home with a 3rd place team finish! Congratulations to these swimmers on some fabulous swims: Randy Charcalla, John Decker, Jean Ferrence, Bob McAdam, Kristi Panaytoff, and Nicole Smith. We couldn't be more proud of Randy and Kristi for winning high point and a special shout out to our newest team ringer: Jean! Jean competed in her very first swim meet and got a state record. Woohoo!

Kudos to Our New State Record Holders!

Men 40-44 Randy Charcalla 50 FR - 100 Free - 200 Free - 50 Fly - 100 Fly

Women 60-64 Jean Ference 100 IM

Women 70-74 Kristi Panayotoff 800 Free - 200 Back - 400 IM

We want to extend our best wishes and congratulations to Monte St. Amant as he got married in December to his lovely bride, Beth!

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An Outdoor Christmas Celebration

Fun Team Awards

We passed out a few fun awards at our Annual Christmas party.

Best Attitude: Allan Byer

Most Friendly: Becki McKee

First to Arrive and Last in the Pool: Christian Passannante

Best Smack Talker: Daniel Hynum

Coaches Dream Award: Jacob Pocta

Shiny Star Athlete: Jean Ference

Best Dressed: Jeremy Wilson

Most Helpful: Kristi Panayotoff

Perfect Attendance: Maureen White

Least Likely to Lead the Lane: Rob Seigler

Energizer Bunny Award: Steve Croucher

Most Challenging Lane Mate: Mark Kothe

Welcome to Our Newest Members

Schedule Updates

Greenville County Aquatic Complex:

Coached workouts: TuTh 5:30-7:00 am, TuTh 6:30-8:00 pm, TuThF 9:00-10:30 am, F 7:00-8:30 am, Sat 7:00-9:00 am.

Kroc Center:

Coached workouts: MWF 6:00-7:00 am

Due to lane space and safety concerns we require swimmers to circle swim at all workouts. For those that want to keep social distancing please start and stop at the flags or start at the other end of the pool.

Holiday Shenanigans

Waving Goodbye to 2020!

Need a workout? We got you covered!

We are proud to announce that we will be posting our Greenville Splash workouts on our website in real time! Coach Bill Ewell will be sending us four or five workouts each week. They will be the workouts we do at Greenville County Aquatic Complex. So if you are swimming on your own, you can print and take them to the pool. You can find them on our website in the Blog section. Click here for workouts:
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Dolfin and Alpine Ski Center are our New Team Sponsors

We are excited to announce a partnership with Dolfin Swimwear! All Greenville Splash members will receive a 20% discount on Dolfin swimwear and swim equipment at Alpine Ski Center. Alpine is open now! So stop by 30 Orchard Park Dr Suite 17, Greenville, SC 29615 to support our team sponsors and local business.

Swimmers must show their 2020 Greenville Splash bag tag to receive the discount. We have picked out a new team swim suit, backpack and warm-up jacket. Click here for more information on our website:

New Team Swag Coming Soon!

Coach Leslie has been passing out swag at our different workouts. If you did not get your swag from 2020, let Leslie know and we can mail it out.

Coach Bill wants you to read this article!

Some awesome articles from USMS

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Come join us for the best part of your day!

Team Trivia

This group was the very beginning of Greenville Splash: Leslie Scott, Janice Hebel, Maureen White and Mark Kothe! Back in 2005-2007 we swam in the summer months at the Wellington Green Pool at 5:30 am. Maureen would open it up and we would do full workouts with no lights, lane ropes or pace clocks! We do have plenty of bug stories and how we would swim through October with no heat!

Make a Difference

Thank you so much to all of our swimmers that volunteer for Greenville Splash! Your efforts help to make our community safer in the water and provide fitness and competition activities for swimmers. We host three big events every year: The South Carolina LCM State Championships, The Upstate Splash Charity Open Water Swim, and Adult Learn to Swim. We have taught over 250 adults how to swim! The Upstate Splash has raised money to provide swim lessons for over 3,000 children! We are proud to be a team that gives back to our community!

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Visit Sara Bopp O.D.

273 Harrison Bridge Rd

Simpsonville, SC 29680


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Advisory Board

Meet the Greenville Splash Advisory Board:

Sara Bopp, Amy Browning, John Decker, Mark Kothe, Kristin Knowles, Carolyn Moore, Casey Oliver, and Leslie Scott

Please, reach out to these board members with any suggestions for the future success of your Greenville Splash Masters team. Email:

Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and our website for more information about our USMS club. We also have FB messenger for each of the pools, let us know if you want to be added. We always welcome all swimmers to any of our workouts, events and socials. Join the fun!

Facebook Links:

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Upstate Splash Charity