Balancing Work and Family

By: Bayleigh Howard

Clarifying Values

A way of clarifying values is to identify and focus on our personal values which helps us become successful. Another one is enhancing self awareness. We can also achieve integrity.
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Set Priorities and Manage Time

To set priorities you have to be motivated and have a purpose. Setting priorities is central to effective time management. When we account for all we need to do in a day, many adults have one to two hours, at most, for “leisure” time.
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Realistic Goals

Setting expectations can be dangerous, especially at the beginning stages of the pursuit of any venture. If you set your expectations too high, there’s obviously the risk of reality crashing down on you, hard. There can even be a combination of the two methods – a person who outwardly sets his/her expectations low but secretly inside, sets them high. That person can get burned twice.
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Let Go and Understand Control

You can hold family meetings. Understand what you can and cannot control. Keep weekly and monthly schedules.
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