schools failing

setting you to fail

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why schools are failing

the reason school are fail is because they aren't


people think that you go to to get a job but it is much much more. Its training brainwashing. A while back on new there was a few kids ages between 11-18 went to collage after taking all of k-12 online schools because only did classes they wanted for for a certen job

Dr. Rosanna Pittella

Dr. Rosanna Pittella words about the school system were when she finished her research its history and laws were I am fascinated and horrified to find that each piece of legislation and each resulting reform structured the system, deliberately, to do exactly what it does. that the system is focused on maintain a status quo poor are alway poor and the rich are always rich. Those American children, who attend public schools where the tax table is low, the poorer areas of the country, statistically, will over their lifetimes, earn less and remain at a lower socioeconomic level than those who attended public schools in locations with higher tax tables, the wealthier areas of the country. Now in the world ofNCLB (No Child Left Behind) the lowest performing schools are not surprisingly in the poorest areas of the country, and children coming from the lowest performing schools have less chance of transferring to higher performing schools regardless of their grades. More children in public schools in the poorest areas of the country are categorized as in need of “special education” another liability in the path to transferring to a better performing school, and children with lower socioeconomic origins statistically having less options for social mobility.